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CAR Insurance guides

  • Car Insurance Third Party and Comprehensive Cover

    We are bringing you experienced insurance brokers delivering third-party car insurance to clients across Ireland.

    Women's Car Insurance

    Do you need reliable, comprehensive women’s care insurance. With Ucompare you can find complete and affordable car insurance for women in Ireland.

    Student Car Insurance

    Student life doesn’t come cheap: tuition fees, gadgets, learning resources and daily expenses (such as food or rent) – all of these will diminish the budget in a snap. Irish student premiums vary from one insurance company to another.

    Imported Car Insurance

    Don’t rush into signing an insurance policy before you check all the options. Ucompare delivers an accurate comparison of the top imported car insurances available in Ireland.

    Learner Driver Insurance

    Learning how to drive can be an exciting adventure. It’s about exploring independence and boost driving experience. Here are a few things to consider as a learner driver in Ireland.

    Car Insurance for Young drivers

    Being a young driver requires you to spend more on car insurance. Ucompare features the best insurance offers available on the market. We do all the research and we put all car insurance quotes in one place.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Fully comprehensive car insurance protects you from any unpleasant events, including third-party liability for injuries plus damage to the property.

    Over 25 Car Insurance

    Since over 25s are considered experienced drivers, they can enjoy affordable car insurance. Insurance companies have a number of car insurance options for over 25s.

    Modified Car Insurance

    A tuned car is more valuable, so replacing it in case of accident or theft will be expensive, although no money can replace all the work, commitment and passion invested along the process.

    Monthly Car Insurance

    Monthly car insurance prices have significantly increased in the past few years. There are more cars on the roads and more people migrating towards urban areas.

    New Drivers

    Car insurance for new drivers may seem confusing if you check the related terminology. This is why Ucompare offers you the essentials for getting car insurance as a new driver.

    Third Party, Fire and Theft

    Looking for third party, fire and theft insurance cover? The insurance market is a very competitive one, featuring an abundance of offers for any budget. However, cheap insurance is questionable, while expensive car insurance is unreachable.

  • Third Party Insurance

    Finding affordable third party car insurance shouldn’t be so difficult if you have some research skills. Most of the time, you get what you pay for, and this is no exception for third party insurance as well.

    Named Drivers

    The idea of a named driver insurance policy sounds very appealing and cost-effective – yet you need to pay attention to the legal implications.

    Performance Car Insurance

    Performance cars can serve as either your main car or second car to have on the weekends. Regardless of the situation, drivers of high performance cars are frequently penalized by car insurance companies because of the alleged higher risk associated with high performance power cars.

    Electric Car Insurance

    You have already taken the first step to a lower premium simply by purchasing an electric car. The best part of the process is finding the right car insurance policy.

    Over 50s Car Insurance

    As mature drivers, insurance companies will recognize your experience over the years. Therefore, over 50’s car insurance often features discounts for no claims.

    4X4 Car Insurance

    Getting a 4x4 car is an assumed choice for drivers all over Ireland. They are well aware of the costs associated with owning a 4x4 car.

  • New Car Insurance

    The value of the car decides the price of the insurance. This is one of the main problems of new car owners. Investing in a new car requires you to also invest in good insurance.

    First Time Car Insurance

    The insurance industry jargon can confuse many beginner drivers. If you want to simplify things and pay the lowest legal first car insurance, opt for Third party insurance.

    Car Insurance Claims

    Being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. Properties get damaged, people are hurt, and lives are at stake.

car Insurance options

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    Third Party and Comprehensive Cover
    Car Insurance

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    Car Insurance

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    Car Insurance

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    First Time
    Car Insurance

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    Third Party, Fire and Theft
    Car Insurance

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    Third Party
    Car Insurance