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Gadget Insurance

We will compare gadget insurance quotes from all the leading insurance companies in Ireland to get you the best quotes in the market.






Types of gadget insurance

Gadget insurance is specifically aimed at protecting your most valuable possessions such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. As we use these items in our everyday life, they can be at high risk of damage, loss, theft or breakdown. Insurance is usually a fraction of the original gadget cost to get peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

Warranties are usually short-lived and don’t necessarily take all types of issues in charge, which makes gadget insurance essential if you want to use your gadgets to the fullest and take them with you everywhere you go without any fear.

Phone Insurance

With smartphones – such as iPhones - becoming more and more sophisticated as well as valuable, they can easily get damaged or stolen. Getting phone insurance is then an easy way to get peace of mind that your phone will be quickly repaired or replaced if anything happens.

Laptop Insurance

Whether your laptop is for work, studies, or personal use, being constantly on-the-go makes laptops more susceptible to damage or theft. Laptop insurance is an easy way to make sure that such a valuable item is covered for the main risks everyday life brings.

Camera Insurance

If you’re into photography, you will know that cameras can be costly – and travelling around or going on holiday is a great risk for such a valuable gadget. Don’t take the risk of your camera getting stolen or damaged and get camera insurance to protect it.

TV Insurance

TVs are typically one of the first items that can get stolen during a home robbery. Get complete peace of mind by protecting your TV with insurance covering most situations such as theft and accidental damage.

Why do I need gadget insurance?

There are many benefits to having gadget insurance. If you are the victim of a robbery or damage to your gadget, you will have protection to ensure your gadget is repaired or replaced quickly. Nowadays, a lot of gadget warranty policies will only cover you for a very short period of the gadget’s lifespan. Therefore, taking out gadget insurance is essential in order to get the most value out of your purchase.

Having gadget insurance means your gadget is fully protected if anything does go wrong, and so you have full peace of mind while carrying it around with you. It allows you to enjoy having your new mobile phone or laptop to the fullest without fear of damage, preventing you from actually using it or taking it out.

What is covered by gadget insurance

Each insurance policy may vary, but most cover the most common situations: theft, accidental damage, breakdown and loss. However some companies charge an additional premium for some types of covers. Common issues not covered include loss of information stored, and cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the gadget.

If your gadget is lost or stolen, it is a good idea to inform your network provider, and the police if necessary, as soon as possible. Any unauthorised use of your mobile phone will also be excluded from your claim if you do not report your phone as stolen within 24 hours.

Compare quotes for gadget insurance on UCompare

UCompare is the leading insurance comparison website in Ireland, allowing users to compare different types of insurance – such as gadget insurance – even on the go. UCompare gathers quotes from leading providers and makes it quick and easy for users to find the insurance policy that suits them.

Our comparison tool saves you the time and effort of manually searching and comparing websites and policies yourself. Price, key features and benefits are all presented on an easy-to-use platform so that you can find the gadget insurance that will be best for you.

UCompare provides you with all the information you need so you can select the gadget insurance that fits your budget and suits your needs.

How to choose the best gadget insurance for you

Make sure to check the policies and conditions of the insurance provider you are considering, so you know exactly what to expect by choosing a specific cover. Choosing a cover that suits your needs will depend on:

● What type(s) of gadgets you’re looking to protect

● How you use these items and your lifestyle

● What type of risks you’re looking to cover

● The budget you’re looking to invest

Don’t hesitate to browse the insurer’s website and contact them if you’re not sure about a policy or if you want to check anything before making a decision. You’ll also find answers to some common questions in our Gadget Insurance FAQ.

Benefits of gadget insurance

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