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We compare life insurance quotes from all the leading life insurance companies in Ireland to get you the best quotes in the market.

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Life insurance

Life insurance is insurance against the likelihood of insured individual(s) untimely passing and needing to ensure financial security for your family and dependants. Often, people choose not to think about the consequences of their not being present any more, but when one does give it proper consideration, the detrimental impact of a partner or parents income not being present any more becomes clear.

Traditionally life insurance would be considered quite a premium type of insurance to have, but nowadays, insurers have structured policies in such a way that they can be cost effective and extremely manageable from a cost point of view.

You can insure you, your spouse and your dependants for a specific purpose, i.e. a mortgage, for the period that income would be needed most, i.e. when your kids are youngest, or against the chances of contracting a specific life altering illness or injury.

Mortgage Protection insurance

If you are looking to buy house of your dreams than you need a mortgage protection cover because It’s a legal requirement to have this cover. Mortgage protection is the most cost effective form of life assurance and is used most widely to protect both the borrower and the bank against the risk of the borrower dying within the term of the mortgage. Some banks and brokers try to sell you Life insurance whereas it’s just the mortgage protection insurance what you need in order to get mortgage. Mortgage protection insurance is a legal requirement and designed to pay off mortgage if an insured individual die during the mortgage terms. Mortgage protection insurance pays off the reminder of the mortgage in case of such event and covers the loved ones from loosing the house to bank.

Premium of your mortgage protection insurance depends various factors, for example on the size of your mortgage, your age, your general health and whether you smoke. Once signed, the premium is fixed for the term of mortgage protection policy which normally equals to terms of your mortgage loan. You can switch you mortgage protection insurance provider if you wish without paying any penalty. Big six insurance companies have competitive rates and premium have dropped recently so you can save by changing your insurance providers.

Why to book with Ucompare

  • First Insurance Comparison engine in Ireland

    Ucompare is Ireland’s first real time online insurance comparison website that enables users to compare insurance products on the go. Aiming to make insurance a simple process, Ucompare compares insurance quotes from leading providers and make it easy for people to compare like by like insurance policies based on price, key features and benefits through a clear, easy to use platform.

    Best price

    We compare all the leading life insurance provider in Ireland to find the cheapest price available in the market and also the one suits your criteria.

  • Better than banks

    We compare prices from all six insurance companies in the market where bank has just one selected provider.

    Choice is yours

    We give you all the information about life insurance and compare quotes for you, however choice is yours at the end to select the policy fits your budget and suit your needs

Benefits of life insurance

Life insurance is financial protection against the likelihood of premature death or seriuos illness.? Providing peace of mind that in the event of death or serious illness that those left behind will at least have financial security in your absence. To also know that in the event of diagnosis of a specific illness or injury, you will have financial security. You can insure you and/or a partner against death or specified serious illnesses and injuries.

You may or may not be excluded from cover if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or a trend of illness in your family’s history. This is assessed in terms of the chances of these pre-exiting conditions having an impact on your life expectancy or overall health.?Life Assurance can be mandatory if you are applying for a mortgage with a lender. They will want to ensure their loan is protected in the event of your death. Personal life insurance protecting you and your family is not mandatory, but very important to have.

  • Selecting a life Insurance Policy

    Life Assurance or Life Insurance, is an insurance against the likelihood of your death.

  • Serious Illness cover

    with any one of a set list of serious illnesses and injuries which are covered by a policy.

  • Mortgage protection

    Mortgage protection is the most cost effect form of life assurance and is used most widely to protect both the borrower and the bank against the risk of the borrower dying within the term of the mortgage.