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We compare life insurance quotes from all the leading life insurance companies in Ireland to get you the best quotes in the market.

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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is protection against the likelihood of insured individuals untimely passing and needing financial protection for your family, loved ones and dependants.

Often, people choose not to think about the consequences of them not being present any more, but when one does give it proper consideration, the detrimental impact of a partner or parents income not being present any more becomes clear and no matter the likelihood of the worst-case scenario. It is always advisable to prepare for the worst, for peace of mind and comfort in knowing that if you are not there, your loved ones are still looked after.

Traditionally life insurance in Ireland would be considered quite a premium type of insurance to have. However nowadays, insurers have structured policies in such a way that they can be cost effective and extremely manageable from a financial point of view- making them accessible to all. Our handy tool can provide quick and easy life insurance quotes in minutes.

Our insurance service is one of the most comprehensive in Ireland, allowing you to insure yourself, spouse and dependants for specific purposes including mortgages, against specific illness or even to take care of your loved ones in their most vulnerable times. Contact one of our friendly experts for advice.


If you are looking to buy the house of your dreams then you need a reliable mortgage protection insurance, it is worth considering this early as it is a legal requirement. Mortgage protection is the most cost-effective form of life assurance and is used most commonly to protect both the borrower and the bank against the risk of the borrower passing away within the term of the mortgage.

Some banks and brokers may try to sell you LIFE INSURANCE whereas it’s merely a mortgage protection insurance policy you need in order to get a mortgage. Mortgage protection insurance is in place to pay off the remainder of the mortgage in case of a tragic bereavement. It gives your loved ones reliable protection in this difficult and challenging time, which will take a little bit of stress and worry away from them.

The premium level of your mortgage protection insurance depends on a few key factors such as the size of your mortgage, your age, your general health, whether you smoke. Once signed, the premium is fixed for the term of mortgage protection policy which is normally equal to the terms of your mortgage loan. You can switch you mortgage protection insurance provider if you wish without paying any penalty. Big six insurance companies have very competitive rates and prices have dropped recently with cheap insurance being easily obtained. If you are looking for mortgage protection insurance in Ireland then be sure to get a hassle free quote today.

  • Life insurance quotes

    Selecting a life Insurance Policy

    Life Assurance or Life Insurance, is an insurance against the likelihood of your death.

  • life insurance comparison ireland

    Serious Illness cover

    With any one of a set list of serious illnesses and injuries which are covered by a policy.

  • compare life insurance

    Mortgage protection

    Mortgage protection is the most cost-effective form of life assurance and is used most widely to protect both the borrower and the bank against the risk of the borrower dying within the term of the mortgage.