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Backpacker Travel Insurance Ireland

Backpacker Travel Insurance is best for people who travels for extend periods of time like J1 students, career breaks or sabbatical leave from work.


    A Backpacker Travel Insurance policy is designed for people who travel away for extend periods of time. It is very popular with J1 students or people who are on a career break or sabbatical leave from work.

    If you have recently been granted a Visa and you are looking to work or travel abroad then this is the policy for you.

    Given the degree of risk involved in covering an individual for an extended period of time, the price does tend to be more expensive than an multi trip travel insurance policy or Single Trip policy. UCompare.ie can certainly help in this regard as you will be able to input your requirements & we can offer you a one page snapshot of all the leading insurers in Ireland.

    As with all Backpacker Travel Insurance policies, we do recommend that you thoroughly read the policy document and familiarise yourself with the cover.

    It is better to understand the cover on the Backpacker Travel Insurance policy before you travel, rather than to realise you are not covered for something when it is too late.

    Buy backpackers travel insurance in Ireland

  • What does a Backpacker Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

    Backpacker Travel Insurance is a necessity for anyone who has been bitten by the wanderlust bug.

    Whether you are fresh out of college and eager to explore the world or you have finished raring your family and you’re looking for a new challenge, Travel Insurance is a must.

    Like most insurance policies, Backpacker Travel Insurance will come with its own unique set of terms and conditions. One of the most notable ones to look out for, would be the upper age limit.  While travel itself does not have any restrictions on who can partake, some travel insurers do. Most insurers will have an upper age limit of around 50 years old, but fear not, if you are a little bit to the north of this limit there is usually another policy suitable for you.

    Benefits of Backpacker Travel Insurance

    1. Allows you to travel away for extended periods of time, up to 2 years in some cases.
    2. Covers Emergency Medical Expenses.
    3. Offers Curtailment cover ( e.g. If there was a death of a close family member and you needed to get home quickly).
    4. Repatriation cover.
    5. Baggage/Lost Luggage cover.
    6. Cancellation.
    7. Cancelled flights.
    8. Cover for Sports and Activities.

  • Exclusions on a Backpacker policy

    If you are planning on taking an extended vacation, chances are you have spent a considerable amount of time pricing flights, booking hotels and studying train timetables. While researching Travel Insurance may not exactly have you jumping out of your seat, it is just as important as all your other trip preparations.

    When researching Backpacker Travel Insurance in Ireland there are a few key exclusions that you should keep an eye out for:

    1. Backpacker Travel Insurance generally covers activities such as horse riding, scuba diving and surfing. But if you plan on doing something a little more daring, it’s worth checking out if you are going to be covered.
    2. Many insurance policies exclude cover for illnesses for which you are supposed to have the recommended inoculations for. If you are travelling to an area that is known for dengue fever, malaria or yellow fever make sure to check in with your GP before you leave.
    3. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of natural disasters. Make sure that you will be covered if your holiday’s plans are disrupted by an ash cloud, tsunami or earthquake.

    If you need to interrupt your trip & come back to Ireland, make sure that your policy will offer cover you for this. Many policies offer little or no cover if you interrupt your trip.