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Bicycle Insurance

Need your bike insured? We put the gears in motion by comparing quotes from top insurance providers to help you find the best bicycle insurance quotes in Ireland.

How to get cycle insurance in just a few clicks

Getting insurance is easier than learning how to ride a bike with our unique UCompare comparison tool. We’ll match quotes and policies based of what you need in only a few clicks.

  • 1. Enter your details

    Enter information about
    the bike you want to get covered

  • 2. Get live quotes

    Compare quotes from cycle
    insurance providers from across the country

  • 3. Choose your preferred quote

    Pick the insurer you
    like the most and pay

  • 4. You bike is now covered

    Now you can bike and
    know you’re safe

What is covered by bicycle insurance?

The cycle insurance we provide through our partners is an all-in-one package, designed to help cyclists of all kinds; be it the kind of person who uses it to commute every day, or those of us who rack it up on the car and head out on the weekends.

The package provides:

  • Cover for your bike

    Bicycle insurance covers your bike for a whole host of problems. This could be in the case of any theft or vandalism, any accidental damage you may incur (something you don’t usually get with the likes of home or content insurance), no depreciation on the bike and emergency bike hire.

  • Cover for your kit

    Sometimes your kit and gear can cost just as much as the bike, especially if you’ve bought a high-end kit for yourself. Kit cover in the packages makes sure clothing & helmets will be okay - great for anyone who trains for triathlons – your accessories like any GPS device or lights are easily replaceable and bike box cover helps if you’re taking your setup overseas on an adventure.

Cover for your travel

Pick a spot on a map, and there will be cover available for you while you’re there cycling (for up to 30 days). If you’re flying away to take part in an event and it’s been cancelled, event fees are covered too; just double check the exact event type is in your policy as the likes of road races may not be covered.

Compare quotes for bike insurance on UCompare

We are Ireland’s leading insurance comparison website. Whether you’re jetting off and have to get travel insurance, need life insurance, or just want to make sure your gadgets are sorted, we can help.

Cycle insurance might not seem obvious, but it’s one of those areas where certain other insurance types won’t easily cover due it being in a bit of a grey area (some would say it’s not linked to home because it’s essentially a vehicle, some would say it isn’t a vehicle because it’s not an engine etc).

If you’re a keen cyclist and have never had this kind of insurance before, you need to at least look into. It’s becoming popular amongst people living in cities who run the risk of morning traffic causing problems for their bikes, and people competing in events around the country who put their bike and gear through the wringer, so to speak.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through the same motions to get a good quote on bicycle insurance. We get all the quotes currently available online and put them all right here in one place, so you don’t need to visit website after website just to find an OK quote.

How to choose the best bicycle insurance for you

Have a good look at the conditions of the insurance provider you are thinking of using, as it helps to know what you’re getting. Obviously, everyone needs something different, but we always say you should consider:

● What exactly you need covered

● What benefits you’re getting

● What you use your bike for

● That your home insurance definitely doesn’t cover it

Our partners are all clear with the information they provide, so you can always get in touch to double check and ask any question, no matter how trivial it seems, to help you get a better understanding of a policy.