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A Single Trip Travel Insurance policy is intended to cover a once off holiday or trip and you will usually be covered for cancellation from the day you purchase the policy.

If you will only be taking one trip in a year then this is usually the best option for you. You can also add on a number of additional covers to this type of policy such as cruise cover, winter sports, travel disruption or flight cancellation.

A Single Trip Travel Insurance may not always be the cheapest Travel Insurance cover for you so it is always good to compare your Single Trip Travel Insurance quotes with an Annual Travel Insurance policy as the annual option may better value. At UCompare.ie, we allow you to compare Single Trip Travel Insurance quotes and Annual Travel Insurance quotes side by side to ensure you get the cheapest Travel Insurance option to meet your needs.

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What does a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy cover?

Whether you are off on a business trip or a little well deserved holiday, it’s very important to source some quality single trip travel Insurance before you go. Many travellers get overwhelmed by the vast array of single trip policies on the market, so the kind folks here are UCompare.ie have decided to simplify things for you.

The majority of travellers have the same concerns when they travel away. Am I going to be covered if I have a Medical Emergency? What happens if the airline loses my luggage? What if my mother/father/granny suddenly passes away before I am due to travel?

By taking five or ten minutes out of your day & visiting UCompare.ie, we can put your mind at ease.

Most single trip policies, will cover all of the situations that I have listed above but it’s important to read the exclusions applicable to each section and also check how much each situation is covered up to and what the excess will be.

If there are any unique aspects to your single trip, for example you are going to be scuba driving or riding a motorcycle, it’s important to check that your chosen Single Trip Travel Insurance policy covers you while partaking in these activities.

Benefits of a Single Trip Policy

  1. You can travel away for a period of up to one year – this means that you can organise your cover well in advance of your trip.
  2. You have immediate cancellation cover, so even if you are not travelling for a few months your cancellation cover commences immediately.
  3. Baggage/Lost Luggage cover – peace of mind that your most valuable items are protected.
  4. Legal Expenses.
  5. Missed Flights – flight schedules can be unpredictable at the best of times, so ensure you are covered if you have connection flights or if you are travelling in the winter and expecting snow.
  6. Cover for Sports and Activities – for all you adrenaline seekers out there.

Exclusions on a single trip

There are a number of important factors to consider when looking to purchase a single trip policy. As with all single trip policies there are a number of key exclusions to look out for:

  1. Mobile Phones are a really good one to look out for. Many people assume that mobile phones will be covered on their policy both more often than not they will be excluded.
  2. If you are planning to take part in any dangerous sports or activities make sure that they are going to be covered under your policy.
  3. Falling ill on holidays is the single biggest concern of all holiday makers. Make sure that you have disclosed any medical conditions you may have or you may get a nasty surprise if your claim is declined.
  4. The cash limit on single trip policies can often be low. If you are planning on carrying all your holiday spending money in cash, make sure that you are going to be covered if you fall victim to the sticky figured monster.
  5. Some policies may only be limited to trips taken for leisure. If you are planning on using your policy on a single trip, be sure to contact your insurer to confirm this will be covered.

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