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Gadget Insurance guides

  • Gadget Insurance FAQ

    Here we take a look at what exactly gadget insurance is and how it can benefit you. You may have many questions about what exactly you are covered for and when you can use your gadget insurance cover to make a claim. Click above to view all of the most commonly asked questions about gadget insurance, how it works and what is covered.

    Phone Insurance

    In a world where we all have valuable smartphones, we are at more risk than ever of being the victims of theft. Our phones are also quite delicate items that can easily become smashed or broken. With that in mind, having phone insurance is an essential in this day and age. Click above to get all the information you need regarding phone insurance and how it can protect you.

    iPhone Insurance

    For many of us, our iPhones are our most valuable possession. Now when a new iPhone can cost up to €1,000, it is an intelligent idea to take out gadget insurance to protect your iPhone. Click above to get all the details you need about iPhone insurance policies.

    Laptop Insurance

    Whether you carry a laptop for your studies or work, bringing a laptop with you on-the-go makes it susceptible to damage and theft. As laptops are such valuable items, Having laptop insurance cover is a must. See here to get all the details you require when considering laptop insurance.

    Camera Insurance

    Depending on the extent of your passion for photography, your camera may be worth a huge amount of money. Don’t take the risk of having it become permanently damaged or stolen without protection. Here we answer all the questions you might have about camera insurance.

  • TV Insurance

    During home robberies, TVs are often stolen as they are so valuable. Protect your television by taking out TV insurance to give you peace of mind. Click here for the most frequently asked questions on TV insurance.

Travel Insurance options

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    Gadget Insurance

    Get to know all the answers.

  • hand holding a mobile phone

    Phone Insurance

    Get it covered.

  • man using a mobile phone and a smart watch

    iPhone Insurance

    For iPhone lovers.

  • person using a tablet

    Laptop Insurance

    We know it is important for you.

  • Life insurance quotes

    Camera Insurnace

    To capture the best moments with it.

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    TV Insurance

    Smart TVs can get covered aswell.