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  1. What is gadget insurance?
    Gadget insurance protects your most valuable possessions, such as your smartphone or laptop. Electronic items can often be expensive and at risk of robbery and damage. Therefore, they are definitely worth insuring.

    If you have spent several hundred or thousand Euro on a new gadget, it is logical to spend a small percentage of this value on gadget insurance to protect it if anything goes wrong.

    Getting gadget insurance is a quick and simply process thanks to the Ucompare.ie comparison tool. Simply fill in a few details about your gadget here and see what great value gadget insurance deals we find for you.
  2. Why do I need gadget insurance?
    There are many benefits to having gadget insurance. If you are the victim or a robbery or damage to your gadget, you will have protection to ensure your gadget is repaired or replaced quickly. Nowadays, a lot of gadget warranty policies will only cover you for a very short period of the gadget’s lifespan, so taking out gadget insurance is essential.

    Having gadget insurance means your gadget is fully protected if anything does go wrong, and so you have full peace of mind when carrying it around with you. It allows you to enjoy having your new mobile phone or laptop to the fullest without fear of damage, preventing you from actually using it or taking it out.
  3. What is covered under the gadget insurance policy?
    While policies may vary, most gadget insurance policies cover loss, theft, damage and breakdown of your gadgets. These are the most common situations in which having gadget insurance is useful.

    Some common exclusions are loss of information stored on the gadget, such as photos and videos, and cosmetic damage that does not affect a gadget from working, such as a minor dent or scratch. Any unauthorised use of your mobile phone will also be excluded from your claim if you do not report your phone as stolen to your network provider within 24 hours.

    If your gadget does become lost or stolen, it is necessary to inform the police and your network provider as soon as possible.
  4. Does my gadget insurance policy cover me outside Ireland?
    At present, cover is extended to use the gadget anywhere in the world up to a maximum of 60 days in total, in any period of 12 months. We do advise our customers to read the terms and conditions and also confirm with the insurance provider if there are any conditions attached to the policy on using your gadget abroad.
  5. What products does gadget insurance cover?
    Our gadget insurance policies cover mobile phones including iPhones and other smartphones, laptops, cameras and televisions.
  6. Am I covered by my gadget insurance policy straight away?
    Our gadget insurance policies do not cover claims made for events that occur with the first 14 days after the initial start date or 14 days after the date of a policy amendment.
  7. How do I make changes to my gadget insurance policy?
    If you need to add further items to your gadget insurance policy at a later date, simply contact your insurance provider directly and ask them if you can upgrade your policy. Usually this can be done easily. However, you may have to pay more for the increased cover.
  8. Can I add loss cover for my laptop to my gadget insurance policy at a later date?
    If you forgot to add this to your policy initially, you may need to pay for an upgrade to have it added on. Try to ensure that you have all the cover you need before you sign up to a particular policy as it may cost more later to make such changes.
  9. Is loss cover available for other gadgets as well?
    Yes. You can opt for loss cover for other gadgets including mobile phones and cameras.
  10. What are the main conditions and exclusions on the gadget insurance policy?
    - You must be 18 years of age or older.
    - You cannot make a claim from an event within the first 14 days of your policy or an amendment of your policy.
    - Your gadget must be less than 12 months old at the time of purchase of your policy.
    - Your gadget must be in good condition and fully working at the time gadget insurance policy is purchased.
    - You must provide proof of purchase in the form of a receipt for the gadget.
    - No cover is provided for cosmetic damages that do not affect the functioning of your gadget.
    - Normal age-related wear and tear is not covered.
    - For full terms and conditions, please refer to your policy terms and conditions handbook.
  11. How do I make a claim?
    To make a claim you must contact your insurance provider directly and provide all relevant documentation. Be sure to keep any receipts involved.
  12. Are there any excess fees for gadget insurance?
    Yes. An excess fee is required in the case of a successful claim and this must be paid prior to settling the claim. In general, these excess fees range from €50 to €100 depending on the product and the reason for your claim.
  13. What is the gadget insurance claims procedure?
    Step 1: Tell your insurance provider about any claim as soon as possible and within 28 days of discovery of the loss, theft, breakdown or damage. If your gadget was lost or stolen, you will also need to:
    - Tell your network provider as soon as you can so they can block your device and SIM card as soon as possible to avoid unauthorised charges.
    - Tell the police about any lost or stolen gadget as soon as you can.
    - Report the loss or theft of your gadget to the place you think it was lost or stolen from, or is most likely to be handed back to.

    Step 2: Make your claim within 28 days of the incident by submitting your claim online through your insurance provider. If you are unsure of the process or who to contact, you can call your insurance provider directly to ask.

    Step 3: A claims representative will walk you through the simple claims process and tell you what information and documents you will need to provide to assess your claim, like your proof of ownership or police reference number.

    Step 4: Pay your excess and sit tight while your gadget is repaired or until you receive a replacement. Your excess will need to be paid before the claim is settled.
  14. What documentation do I need to make a claim?
    To make a claim, you must provide any relevant paperwork such as proof of purchase, a police report in the case of robbery or lost items, and any receipts such as the cost of repair. Contact your insurance provider directly to confirm what is required in your situation.
  15. What is the replacement policy on my gadget insurance?
    You may only claim replacement twice for theft or loss per gadget per year. For repairs, there is no limit.
  16. Does the replacement cover work on a new for old basis?
    If the exact version of a gadget you have lost or had stolen can no longer be purchased, you will receive a replacement of an equivalent gadget. Any such replacements will be as similar as possible.
  17. Why is my home insurance not sufficient to cover for my gadget?
    Home insurance usually covers your property itself rather than all items kept in it. We often bring our gadgets such phones and cameras out of the house with us, and so gadgets must be insured separately.
  18. Can I cancel a gadget insurance policy I have already bought?
    You are legally entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period after you purchase your insurance policy. If during these 14 days you decide to cancel, you may do without stating any reason.

    After the 14-day window, you must contact the insurance provider directly and an administration fee will apply.
  19. Can I take out gadget insurance cover for my work phone?
    If your employer provided you with the phone, you may not be able to take out gadget cover if you do not have the receipt of purchase. You can only insure gadgets owned directly by you. Speak to your employer directly about insurance options in this case.
  20. Can we, as parents, cover our child’s gadgets on our insurance policy?
    If your child is under 18 years of age, you may cover their gadgets on your insurance policy. This is because you must be 18 years of age to purchase a policy.
  21. Can I insure a gadget I bought from my friend?
    Unfortunately, you cannot insure second-hand gadgets. You must be able to provide proof of purchase.
  22. Can I insure a gadget I bought from eBay?
    Unfortunately, you may not insure a gadget purchased from an auction website such as eBay.
  23. Can I insure a gadget I received as a gift?
    Yes, if the gadget is less than 12 months old and you can obtain the receipt.
  24. How many times can I claim on my gadget insurance policy in 12-month period?
    There is no limit to how many times you can claim for gadget damage per year, but you may only claim up to 2 times for theft or loss per gadget per 12-month period.
  25. If I am not covered with mobile phone gadget insurance from Ucompare.ie then how much will it cost to replace my device?
    If you do not have mobile phone gadget insurance, you are not covered by either us or the company who sold you the phone. Therefore, it will cost you the full price of a new phone to replace your lost or stolen device.
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