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Comprehensive Car Insurance | Comprehensive Insurance | UCompare


When it comes to choosing Ireland car insurance, you will find three basic options on the market: Third party insurance, Third party Fire and Theft car insurance and fully comprehensive insurance. Many drivers opt for the cheapest type of insurance due to budget constraints. However, third party insurance doesn’t cover all the risky situations. This is the least expensive and most common type of insurance. If you own a new vehicle or you just want to be fully covered in case anything happens, you will surely opt for a Fully Comprehensive insurance package.

What is Fully Comprehensive Cover?

Fully comprehensive car insurance protects you from any unpleasant events, including third-party liability for injuries plus damage to the property. This means you are fully covered in case of accidents, theft or fire. However, not all fully comprehensive policies are the same. Some insurance company charge extra for options such as courtesy vehicles or windshield coverage, while others have these options included. Ucompare can help you select the right fully comprehensive insurance by presenting you the clear facts, the available options and the best prices available.

New Car Policy

Purchasing a new car, particularly an expensive one, is a special event in a driver’s life. You have the privilege of choosing the colour, the options, and the horse power. The smell of new car is mesmerizing. Therefore, you need to fully protect the new car in case anything happens. Fully comprehensive coverage from Ucompare may be more expensive, but the level of protection it delivers is undeniable.

In the event of an accident, you will receive compensation for the damage to your own vehicle even if you are at fault for the accident. Ucompare features a number of car insurance options for new vehicles. Check them out and see how affordable our quotes are. Hopefully, you will enjoy the new car without incidents!

Quick Tip

Fully comprehensive insurance in Ireland may include a number of extra benefits and bonuses, depending on the provider. You can sit back and relax while Ucompare does the research on your behalf. Choose a fully comprehensive insurance packed with bonuses for a convenient price from Ucompare today!