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Looking for third-party, fire and theft insurance cover? The insurance market is a very competitive one, featuring an abundance of offers for any budget. However, cheap insurance is questionable, while expensive car insurance is sometimes unreachable.

The Right Policy

Ucompare offers third-party, fire and theft insurance quotes which cover more than your basic insurance policy without blowing your entire budget. Third-party, fire and theft cover can be used if you injure another person or their vehicle. For example, if you drive into the back of another driver’s vehicle or damage the neighbour’s fence when you reverse your car, this type of car insurance is ideal.

What Does Third-Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance Cover mean to me?

The third-party fire and theft car insurance from Ucompare does more for you as a driver. Besides covering the damages of another property or person, it has YOU covered as well. The third-party fire and theft insurance cover enables you to claim damages from your insurance company for your own car/property or for your own medical expenses in case of injury.

In addition, the third-party fire and theft insurance cover provides protection if the car is stolen or damaged by fire. Even more, if your car is damaged in an attempted theft (which occurs most of the time) you can make a claim on your car insurance. Take note that third-party fire and theft insurance provides more than the minimum legal, but don’t expect wonders. This policy doesn’t pay out if you damage your car in an accident provoked by you and features certain conditions and types of damages that qualify for claims.

Reducing the Cost of your Premium

Third-party fire and theft insurance cover available on Ucompare may not suit every driver, but it can be a good choice for many. The reason why most people opt for third-party fire and theft insurance is because they presume it is cheaper. It is always worth comparing available car insurance premiums for various types of insurance policies on Ucompare. We offer competitive and best insurance quotes to choose from the leading insurance companies in Ireland.