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Finding affordable third-party car insurance shouldn’t be so difficult if you have some research skills. Most of the time, you will get what you pay for. This is the cheapest car insurance available on Ucompare.

The affordable option

Third-party insurance basically protects you from the actions of other drivers. Why is it called “third-party insurance”? Here are the three parties involved in this type of insurance:

  1. The insured driver;
  2. The insurance company;
  3. The claimant.

Anyone who drives in Ireland is required by law to carry at least a minimal amount of liability coverage. Ucompare features third-party insurance from various Irish insurance companies at extremely convenient prices.

The insured driver is always responsible for his/her own damage or loses, which is why third-party insurance is so cheap.

What does third party insurance cover me for?

We have already established that the insured pays his damages. The third party car insurance coverage may refer to:

  1. Property damage;
  2. Injuries (costs in regard to people, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain or emotional distress).

Our mission at Ucompare is to find you the best and cheapest third party insurance. Make sure you understand the advantages and the criteria of such type of insurance, because this may vary depending on the insurance company.

Reducing the cost of your insurance premium

Third-party insurance is already the cheapest type of insurance offered by the leading car insurance companies in Ireland. You can reduce the cost of your insurance premium even more if you follow a few tips from Ucompare, one of the most reliable car insurance providers in Ireland;

  1. Add a named driver;
  2. Take advantage of multi-cover discounts (for example if you purchase car and home insurance from the same insurance company);
  3. Purchase a car with a small engine. The newer, the better;
  4. Shop around for offers on Ucompare;
  5. Add extra security options to the car (such as alarms, car immobilizer etc.). You will not find cheaper third-party insurance options than with Ucompare!

You will not find cheaper third party insurance options than Ucompare!