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Why Choose Our Car Insurance?

Do you need reliable, comprehensive car insurance for women? With Ucompare, you can find complete and affordable car insurance for women in Ireland. According to Statistic Brain, recent surveys indicate that women drivers take fewer risks when driving. This doesn’t mean they are better drivers, they are just more prudent.

Men vs. Women Driving Statistics
Type of Violation Ratio of Male to Female
Reckless Driving 3.41 to 1
DUI 3.09 to 1
Seatbelt Violations 3.08 to 1
Speeding 1.75 to 1

Regardless driving statistics, car insurance is still compulsory for everyone behind the wheel. Ucompare has worked with countless clients searching for the best car insurance. Accidents or car damage can happen anytime. As indicated by Statistic Brain, the female rate of deadly car accidents is slightly lower than the male rate. Even if you are an excellent driver, traffic is an incontrollable factor.

Men vs. Women Deadly Car Accidents Statistics
Age Male Rate Female Rate
16-19 9.2 5.3
20-29 4.0 2.0
30-59 1.8 1.3
70 + 4.1 4.0
Total 2.5 1.7

Even if you are an excellent driver, traffic is an incontrollable factor.


If you are looking for insurance quotes for women, search no further. Ucompare provides the best insurance quotes for female drivers in Ireland. With just a few clicks, you can obtain a detailed comparison of the best car insurance options in Ireland. After you select the right car insurance, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the insurance information is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand language. Ucompare stands for transparency, professionalism and affordability in the insurance industry.

We understand that women drivers have different needs. Ucompare makes everything simple and helps you to decide which car insurance is the most convenient. Driving without drawbacks and incidents is ideal when it comes to women drivers. We are here to offer quality car insurance and impeccable customer care for our female drivers.