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Hitting the road after months or even years of driving lessons can be exhilarating. As a new driver it is essential to choose the best new driver car insurance. Purchasing the right new driver insurance can be exciting, but paying attention to what you get is a must.

Getting Started

Car insurance for new drivers may seem confusing if you check the related terminology. This is why Ucompare offers you the essentials of getting car insurance as a new driver. Basically, there are three different types of car insurance a new driver can choose from:

  1. Third-party insurance that only covers you against damage to other vehicles, people or property;
  2. Third-party, fire and theft insurance including everything mentioned above plus coverage in case of fire or theft;
  3. Comprehensive car insurance which is the most complete type of insurance you can get. This insurance cover includes third-party, fire and theft, but most importantly it covers your car against damages produced in an accident.

Age or inexperience?

Driving for the first time without supervision is an exciting experience. However, this experience will never be safe without the right type of car insurance. Ucompare provides exceptional insurance options from top insurance companies in Ireland. The good news is that the days of thousand-a-year quotes are long gone. The bad news is that car insurance for new drivers is still expensive due to age and lack of experience – but with careful planning and a good insurance partner such as Ucompare, you can reduce the car insurance bills significantly.

New Driver Tips

Learning to drive safely comes from experience. As a new driver, you need to find out the best ways to reduce insurance premiums. Ucompare offers the best car insurance quotes in Ireland for new drivers. However, here are three hot tips that will guarantee you the most affordable car insurance:

  1. Research before you decide
    If you plan to buy a car, don’t rush into it before getting an insurance quote from Ucompare. There may be significant price differences between getting a new small car or a similar older car. Consider spending more on a newer car and paying less to the insurance company. To find the best quotes in Ireland for new drivers, choose Ucompare as we are the only website to provide real time insurance quotes in Ireland.
  2. Get insurance for a small (newer) car
    The advantages of purchasing a small car with a number of safety options can get you affordable insurance for new drivers. For example, cars like Ford Ka, Kia Picanto, and Toyota Yaris are popular choices for new drivers seeking cheap insurance premiums. Insurance companies will see your choice as a sign that you are ready to drive carefully in order to protect your investment.
  3. Estimate your annual mileage
    Since this is the first time you’ll get insurance for new drivers, chances are you won’t know the number of miles you will cover during a year. If you have an idea of how many miles you will drive each day, you can calculate the annual mileage. Irish insurance companies may use this information to calculate premiums. Sometimes, a lower annual mileage is considered a lower risk and will result in lower premiums.

Use Ucompare for finding the best insurance quotes for new drivers!