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Electric cars are becoming popular in Ireland and they are definitely the future of the automotive industry, featuring amazing benefits in comparison to traditional gas-fuelled cars. This new sector of the automotive world has enabled car insurance companies to offer affordable electric car insurance in Ireland.

New Technology

Based on the latest technology advancements, electric cars feature an economic, environmentally-friendly approach. Other benefits of electrics cars are:

  1. They produce zero carbon dioxide emissions;
  2. They can run from 120 to 200 kilometres with a single charge;
  3. They are fast and easily recharged at home.

The problem is that many people investing in an electric car have no clue about the available types of electric car insurance. Ucompare provides affordable and convenient electric car insurance options for drivers across Ireland. Logically, insuring an electric car should be cheaper than insuring a standard vehicle. Electric cars are smaller and have less power than standard vehicles on the road. For accurate electric car insurance quotes in Ireland, use Ucompare.

How can I get cheap electric car insurance quotes?

Considering the relative novelty of electric cars, car insurance companies have a bit of catching up to do before all insurance providers offer cover for electric vehicles as standard. But don’t worry. If you are looking for affordable electric car insurance on Ucompare, you will find cheap quotes from a number of car insurance companies in Ireland specializing in electric car insurance. Take your time to compare the different quotes, benefits and policies before you choose the best electric car insurance on Ucompare.

How can I reduce my premium?

You have already taken the first step to a lower premium simply by purchasing an electric car. The best part of the process is finding the right car insurance policy. Certain car insurance companies offer lower premiums based on the size of the engine but also for the fact that you’re helping them to build a green company image (which is something particularly valuable these days). It is always worth shopping for electric car insurance on Ucompare. Just make sure you take advantage of the discounts and schemes aimed at promoting the use of environmentally-friendly cars.