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There is no better feeling than driving a brand new car. The smell of the interior, the shine and the smooth driving experience are worth all the expenses. This is why, at least in the first years of ownership, drivers are extra cautious not to damage their new car. Well-chosen new car insurance can chase away any potential nightmares of your new car being vandalized or destroyed in an accident.

Starting Off

Firstly, let’s define the term “new car”. For most insurance companies, a new car has no more than two or three model years and is owned by the original buyer. Considering the fact that you have a brand new car, fully comprehensive insurance is the ideal choice. This type of insurance will offer you the best coverage in case anything happens. Ucompare is the most reliable source of new car insurance in Ireland, featuring reputable insurance companies and amazing insurance quotes.


The value of the car decides the price of the insurance. This is one of the main problems of new car owners. Investing in a new car requires you to also invest in good insurance. Ucompare can provide all types of new car insurance for Ireland clients. You can choose from Third party insurance, Third party fire and theft insurance or Fully comprehensive insurance. Regardless your choice, keep in mind that the value of your car depreciates with time. Within just a year, the car can lose up to half of the initial value. This is the value paid by insurance companies in case of accidents that occur within the first year of ownership, and it’s not a pleasant surprise.

New and Improved

If you could ever choose between buying a new car and a used car, what would you choose? The answer is clear. New cars are more efficient and they rely on the latest technology to provide extra comfort and safety. Increased efficiency leads to lower fuel expenses. Such features are positive when it comes to insurance premiums. However, the real value of the car sets the price, and it is not always the cheapest. If you are looking for convenient new car insurance quotes, use Ucompare today. You can save valuable time and money!

How to get a Good Value Quote

Getting good value quotes can only be achieved through thorough research. Make sure you search and compare all the available options in Ireland for new cars. Using a reliable quote source such as Ucompare will bring you extra advantages in the long term.