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Investing in modifying your car can be a satisfying, yet expensive experience. People have different tastes when it comes to cars, and sometimes what a regular car manufacturer provides is simply not enough for the passionate driver. Style, performance, handling and the overall driving experience can be improved by fine-tuning a vehicle. After all this hard work, customization, searching for parts and car tuning experts, it is time to find the best modified car insurance.

All Mod Cons

Although modifications such as alloy spoilers, powerful engines, sound systems or customized body will add up to the value of the original car, the impact on your insurance price will also be significant. Modified car insurance is always more expensive than a regular one, because there are extra risks attached; the value of the car is higher, thus the risks of it being stolen increases. In addition, if the car modifications increase the risk of accidents (such as installing a more powerful engine), the price of the modified car insurance will rise.

Car tuning is all about passion. Here at Ucompare, we are dedicated to providing you with the best modified car insurance in Ireland.

A tuned car is more valuable, so replacing it in case of accident or theft will be expensive, although no money can replace all the work, commitment and passion invested along the process.

Making the Most of your Modifications

Shopping for affordable modified car insurance can be difficult. Make sure you mention any changes that could influence the insurer’s view of the car, so you can obtain a comprehensive, correct insurance for your modified car. Keep track of all the modifications you have undertaken on your vehicle, by keeping the receipts and making sure you work with accredited professionals. Authenticity of the pieces and professional work done on the vehicle will increase its value in the eyes of insurance companies.

Further Reductions

Car modifications can mean as little as adding a spoiler, or going for something as extravagant as adding a turbo conversion. Car value will increase, but so will the risks, since it may be more difficult to find replacement parts. Premiums for modified car insurance are always higher, but owners can qualify for certain reductions, such as:

  1. Limited mileage discounts;
  2. Second car discounts;
  3. Breakdown cover (introductory discounts);
  4. True valuation options;
  5. Secure storage for a modified car.

Looking for affordable modified car insurance? Ucompare is dedicated to offering top modified car insurance quotes with the same passion that our clients dedicate to customizing their cars.