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Choosing an imported car can mean fulfilling a dream or bringing along old memories. Owners are prepared to go through a detailed registration process that will enable them to get on the road with their imported car, and part of the process requires them to find the right imported car insurance. The trend of purchasing imported cars has increased in the past years, with some drivers aiming to purchase a set of wheels from abroad or others moving to Ireland and wanting to bring along their car from another country. Research is paramount when comparing imported car insurance quotes, since prices, policies and coverage vary from one insurance company to another.

Why Choose Our Car Insurance?

Don’t rush into signing an insurance policy before you check all the options. Ucompare delivers an accurate comparison of the top imported car insurances available in Ireland.

We are reliable insurance brokers, with years of experience in the industry. We offer quality insurance for imported cars at convenient prices.

Compare Different Insurance Companies

Searching for convenient car insurance with Ucompare will reveal a number of insurance companies offering insurance specifically tailored for imported vehicles.

Imported car insurance options don’t come cheap. If you add up the other related expenses (of the importing process itself, registration in Ireland and additional fees), the sum can become significant. With us, you can keep down the expenses and find the best insurance.

Our Car Insurance Policies

Finding insurance for imported cars may not seem easy, considering the related aspects. Some imported cars may require specific parts when being repaired after an accident. Communicating with the insurance company is essential in order to make sure you are fully covered. Ucompare works with a number of reputable insurance companies. We inform you about all the documents required in order to provide you with affordable imported car insurance.

Opting for the right imported car insurance is effortless with Ucompare – here you have all the information regarding how to bring your imported car into Ireland and find a matching car insurance, legislation, price, providers and comparisons. Choosing car insurance from Ucompare means taking an informed decision!

Getting You on the Road

Bringing an imported car into Ireland doesn’t mean you will be able to venture on the roads and explore the beauty of Ireland immediately. Ucompare provides excellent car insurance quotes for imported cars in order to fully comply with Irish legislation. However, before getting car insurance, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Registration; Imported cars are subject to a Vehicle Registration Tax,VRT, payable to the Revenue Commissioner;
  2. Visit the National Car Testing Service; All cars older than four years need to be tested upon arrival in the country. The imported car needs to be assessed at the National Car Testing Service, within the first days of the arrival in Ireland.
  3. Getting the license plates; Owners will fill out the VRT Vehicle Purchase Details form and pay a relevant fee. The vehicle will then receive a registration number, which will be used to order to get registration plates (the plates need to be installed on the car within three days from their issue date).
  4. Getting car insurance for your imported vehicle; At Ucompare, we understand the importance of finding the best imported car insurance. Are you looking for accurate insurance quotes and varied insurance options for imported cars? Ucompare is one of the top insurance providers across Ireland.