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The first step towards independence in one’s life is getting a car. Everyone remembers their first car, especially the struggle of raising enough money or trying to find the right insurance. After the first step has been taken, it is time to secure a good car insurance quote. This can easily turn into a learning experience itself.

Getting Started

Searching for the best first car insurance is not that hard; but finding insurance that would actually match your budget is. Most people get their first car in their 20’s, right after obtaining their driving license. Age, lack of experience and the make of car are three essential factors that influence the price of a driver’s first car insurance. Fortunately, Ucompare is here to provide new drivers with quality insurance quotes to begin with.

What’s the Hassle?

Unless you have drovin before as a named driver on someone else’s insurance, from the moment you purchase your first car you have no proven experience behind the wheel. Lack of driving experience contributes significantly to high premiums, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Unless you use a reliable first car insurance quote from Ucompare, you may find yourself in a delicate position (and spending a small fortune on insurance). Be patient and make use of all the resources available on Ucompare if you aim to make an informed choice.

Third Party

The insurance industry jargon can confuse many beginner drivers. If you want to simplify things and pay the lowest legal first car insurance, opt for third-party insurance. This is the most basic type of insurance you can get on Ucompare. Don’t expect too much from it: third-party insurance doesn’t cover your damages or medical bill in the event of an accident. However, if you are at fault for damaging another person’s vehicle or property, they will receive the right compensation.

Spending a little bit more will enable you to protect your car from theft or fire, if you choose third-party, fire and theft insurance.


Fully comprehensive insurance will protect you in any circumstances and will compensate all parties involved in an accident. It is the most expensive type of car insurance, but it provides the most peace of mind. Ucompare allows you to compare quotes from the top Irish insurance companies so you can find the best comprehensive insurance for your first car.

Congratulations on purchasing your first car and don’t forget to drive safely!