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Student life is perhaps one of the best parts of life. The novelty, the learning, the parties, the newly achieved independence and the promise of adult life are just some of the events usually attached to becoming a student. If you are looking for a common factor between all of these events, here it is: a car. A new or used vehicle can enable a student to fully enjoy their new status whilst keeping in touch with the family. Getting car insurance for students can be quite pricy at first.

Student life doesn’t come cheap: tuition fees, gadgets, learning resources and daily expenses (such as food or rent) – all of these will diminish the budget in a snap. Irish student premiums vary from one insurance company to another.

Under 25s

In Ireland, car insurance doesn’t get less expensive as you advance through university. Some of the factors that influence the cost of student car insurance are location, commuting distance and driving history. Insurance costs are not negligible, and such factors can add up to the sum. For as long as you are a student, insurance companies don’t leave many options in terms of affordability. Ucompare can connect you with Irish insurance companies that deliver student car insurance for a price that won’t affect the budget.

Luckily, with Ucompare you can have access to a number of student car insurance options and discounts. We connect you with insurance companies that provide cheap student insurance and extra benefits (such as breakdown assistance, driving other cars, or bonuses).

The University Challenge

The price of your student insurance is higher due to the young age. This is one of the few cases when being young doesn’t help. Ucompare understands the limitations of a student’s budget. According to the Road Safety Authority ( http://www.rsa.ie/en/RSA/Road-Safety/Our-Research/ ), in 2015 there was a higher number of fatal accidents in the 16-25 age group (up from 35-45). A lack of experience, young age and overall driving style of young people are three of the factors that have contributed to the statistics. Unfortunately, such data influences the price of student car insurance across Ireland.

Reducing Student Premiums

Driving a car is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity in order to comply with the rapid pace of the world. As students, expenses may stretch to the max. But when it comes to driving, car insurance is a legal requirement in Ireland. Student insurance premiums will always be expensive. Insurance companies want to be covered in case of claims, so they raise their insurance prices. If you are looking to reduce student premiums, you need to work on your end by:

  1. Driving locally;
  2. Purchasing a car with a smaller engine;
  3. Saving up for paying the corresponding premiums.

Experience can’t be Bought

No matter how you look at it, experience simply cannot be bought. It would be ideal to be able to pay for driving experience, work experience or…life experience, wouldn’t it? Yet, some things need to be gained through living itself and developed over time. Shopping for the most affordable student insurance is an experience itself. We deliver quick and easy student car insurance quote comparisons. Here at Ucompare, finding cheap student car insurance is the easiest test you’ll ever take!