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There are a few reasons why adding a named driver to the car policy is a common choice in Ireland. Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that named drivers can use the car whenever needed, without any worries regarding car insurance. Some situations when you can add a named driver to your car insurance include:

  1. Having a young member of the family who wants to learn how to drive;
  2. Having a partner who wants to use the car occasionally;
  3. Looking to secure a lower insurance premium.

Help Yourself

If you are a young or inexperienced driver, the price of the premium will reflect on your car insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies consider young drivers as high risk. Sharing a car with an experienced driver will help you reduce the costs of the named driver insurance. Driving less translates in reduced chance of accidents, meaning cheaper insurance.

Ucompare offers countless insurance options to choose from for named drivers. All you must do is enter your details, compare and select the type of car insurance policy that matches your needs. Named driver insurance isn’t only for young drivers. If you only drive occasionally, you can ask a good friend or your partner to become the named driver on their car insurance policy. The insurance will cost less and expenses can be shared so it’s a win-win situation.

How it Works

The idea of a named driver insurance policy sounds very appealing and cost-effective – yet you need to pay attention to the legal implications. Every car driver needs to have car insurance in place. Ucompare provides several types of car insurance options suitable for all driver categories. After you find your car insurance policy that fits your needs and budget, you must provide the insurance company with your name (as a named driver) along with the details of all the individuals that will use the car.

Reducing the Hassle

With all the existing insurance companies out there, finding a named driver insurance that makes everybody happy may turn into a hassle. If you want to be stress-free, look no further. We at Ucompare provide the best car insurance quotes in Ireland, making the insurance comparison process much easier. Just add your car insurance details and we will deliver the best options to choose from.