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Travel Insurance guides

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance Ireland

    A Single Trip Travel Insurance policy is intended to cover a once-off holiday or trip and you will usually be covered for cancellation from the day you purchase the policy.

    Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Ireland

    An Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy usually gives you cover for 365 days from the day you take out the policy and will usually cover an unlimited amount of trips in that year.

    Backpacker Travel Insurance Ireland

    A Backpacker Travel Insurance policy is designed for people who travel away for extended periods of time. It is very popular with J1 students or people who are on a career break or sabbatical leave.

    Cruise connection travel insurance Ireland

    While many of the travel insurers on the market offer cover for cruise holidays as standard, it’s important to check if you are covered should you arrive late to your cruise and miss your original embarkation time. It’s the stuff of nightmares – but unfortunately it does happen.

    Winter sports travel insurance Ireland

    By definition, winter sports can be wide and varied by nature. Many people immediately think of skiing and snowboarding when you mention winter sports but this definition can stretch to include activities such as off-piste skiing, tobogganing, snow sledging and ice skating.

    Holiday Insurance Ireland

    Holiday Insurance is a short-term insurance specifically available to cover health and travel related emergencies and expenses. Most travellers will avail of this prior to making any trips abroad.

  • Selecting A Travel Insurance Policy

    Travel Insurance is an important part of your holiday preparations. Whether it is a short city break or a long stay trip, everybody should have a valid Travel Insurance policy. This will protect you whilst on holiday and ensure that any unforeseen accidents are covered.

    Ways to save money on Travel Insurance policy

    6 Tips to Save Money.

    Claims & Procedure

    If you need to make a claim on your Travel Insurance policy, each insurer will have their own procedure that you will need to follow but there are a couple of handy tips to make the process a little less daunting.

    In case of emergency abroad

    What to do if you have an emergency abroad.

    What cover levels should I look for?

    With so many different Travel Insurance companies in Ireland, we aim to make the process of choosing a policy as easy as possible. We have provided a number of different filters so we encourage you to use these when getting your Travel Insurance quotes and pick a Travel Insurance policy that is suitable for you.

    Pre-existing Medical Conditions

    If you have a pre-existing medical condition it is very important to shop around and ensure that you are getting the cover that is right for you. There can be huge differences in the premium from one insurer to another.

    Global Travel Insurance

    Get covered for all what you need from wherever you are for wherever you need.

Travel Insurance options

  • airplane taking off

    Single Trip
    Travel Insurance

    To cover a once-off holiday or trip.

  • young family

    Annual MultiTrip
    Travel Insurance

    Get covered for 365 days.

  • a couple backpacking

    Travel Insurance

    For people who travel away for extended periods of time.

  • person skiing in the mountains

    Winter Sports
    Travel Insurance

    For your winter sports.

  • cruise boat

    Cruise Connection
    Travel Insurance

    For those who love to go on cruises.