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Selecting a Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance is an important part of your holiday preparations. Whether it is a short city break or a long stay trip, everybody should have a valid Travel Insurance policy. This will protect you whilst on holiday and ensure that any unforeseen accidents are covered. 

If you have a valid travel insurance policy you don't have to worry about the cost of medical expenses as a result of an illness or injury to you or your travel companions, delayed baggage and flight delays. Comprehensive Travel Insurance will cover additional costs incurred. 

It is very important to know what exactly is covered under your Travel Insurance policy and what extra cover you need to fully protect yourself. With such a variety of Travel Insurance policies on the market, selecting a Travel Insurance Policy for you can be a daunting task not to mention very time consuming.

So, how do you choose a travel insurance policy that’s right for you? The good folk here at UCompare.ie have compiled a 10 step guide to ensure you get the cover that’s right for you.

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  1. Emergency Medical Expenses cover – Do they offer cover for €2 million +?
  2. Repatriation cover – Will they provide cover to repatriate me to Ireland in the case of a medical emergency.
  3. Baggage cover – This will depend on each individual put anything over €1500 is generally ok. Be sure to check what items are excluded. Mobile phones are a common one.
  4. Delayed Departure – Will I be covered if my flight is delayed? How long do I have to be delayed for before I can claim? Is there a maximum limit per day?
  5. Missed Departure – Will I be covered if I miss a connecting flight as my previous flight was delayed? Are there are restrictions on this?
  6. When will I be using the cover? – It’s very important to make sure that you start a Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy well in advance of your holiday otherwise you may be caught out if you need to cancel your trip and the policy is not due to start until the first day of your holiday.
  7. Is the travel insurance underwritten by a well-established company? – Always make sure to ask who is underwriting your policy.
  8. What is the claims record of my travel insurer like? – Look them up and see what their other customers have to say.
  9. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to mention this to your travel insurer as if you fail to do so, this may invalidate a claim.
  10. Do they have a 24 hour Emergency Help-line?

Most Travel Insurance companies also provide long stay Travel Insurance for working holidays & extended trips. Be sure to check that you have adequate cover, especially if you intend to partake in any activities such as bungee jumping or sky diving.

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