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Few quick tips to save money on your travel insurance policy in Ireland

  1. How often are you likely to use the policy? – If you have always had an annual policy but you have only been away on one trip in the last two years, ask yourself, do I really need this cover or would a single trip policy be sufficient.
  2. Is the policy suited to my type of holiday? – If you have a policy that covers winter sports, ski equipment & avalanche closer but you’re more likely to go to the moon that the ski slopes, downgrade the policy & remove winter sports cover. You might even save enough for a glass of sangria.
  3. Where am I travelling to? – Worldwide policies especially those covering the US and Canada tend to be more expensive than a policy that just covers Europe. If you travelled to the US last year but you are unlikely to get any further than Europe this year, downgrade the cover & notice the savings you will make.
  4. Who is travelling with me? – If you had a family policy for donkeys years but your kids are now too cool to be seen travelling with their Mum and Dad, why not take their names off the policy and watch that premium shoot down.
  5. What does the policy actually cover and do I actually need it? – If you think it’s unlikely that you will be carrying baggage up to the value of €5,000, perhaps see if there is a lower cover more suited to your needs. The same might apply for cancellation cover, not everyone is fortunate enough to go on a holiday costing over €10,000 per year so why pay for an insurance policy it.
  6. Do you have a Private Health Insurance Plan? – Do you know that if you mention this to your Travel Insurer you could stand to make substantial savings on your Travel Insurance? Many companies offer a discount to customers who have overseas cover in their health insurance plan.

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