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Gone are the days when you can only purchase your travel insurance in advance of leaving home! With our new selection of global insurance policies, you can gain the cover you need from wherever you are for wherever you need.

Ucompare offers you fully flexible options allowing you to obtain premium insurance cover at the best prices on the market. Within our range of insurance providers, there are global travel insurance policies available that allow everyone to gain travel cover regardless of country of residency.

Travel Insurance for Global Residents

Regardless of your nationality, we have you covered at Ucompare. With our travel insurance policies for global residents, it does not matter where you are from originally or whether you are currently if your country of residency. This offers you full flexibility on when and where you can obtain a comprehensive travel insurance policy. The demand for such flexibility is constantly growing with more and more people travelling the world and leaving their home countries for an extended about of time.

How Global Travel insurance works

With the Ucompare comparison tool, it couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in some brief details of your travel plans, such as selecting your geographical location and your policy type (single-trip, multi-trip, or backpacker). Within a few seconds, you will be able to select from the best value comprehensive global insurance policies on the market.

Click here and simply input your basic travel criteria to find the best value and cover available for your trip.


Global travel insurance cover comes with an array of great benefits for our customers. It is especially useful if you have forgotten to organise your travel insurance in advance or if your policy expires while you are abroad.

Another great benefit to our new travel insurance policies is that we can now cover you regardless of whether you are an Irish resident or not. This means we can cater for any nationality from anywhere in the world.

Especially if you are travelling outside of Europe, having international travel medical insurance is an essential. Many parts of the world have much more expensive healthcare systems, such as the US, so having global travel health insurance can help you avoid a hefty bill that you were not budgeting for.

With all of this flexibility, we can offer you exactly the type of travel insurance cover you need whomever you are. We have the best travel policies on offer for everyone!


  1. Reckless behavior
  2. Claiming against an unapproved medical condition;
  3. Not obeying the law (such as the rules of the road);
  4. Participating in high risk activities without special cover for these;
  5. Travelling against government advice.


  1. I am a non-EU resident. Can I buy your travel insurance?
  2. Yes! With our new range of global travel insurance policies you no longer need to be an Irish or EU resident to purchase travel insurance. We cover clients from all over the world without any restrictions on residency.

  3. Can I buy travel insurance if I am not a resident of the Republic of Ireland?
  4. Yes! Again, with the global travel insurance policies range we can cover all non-Irish citizens from anywhere in the world.

  5. Can I claim my travel insurance from anywhere in the world?
  6. Depending on which geographical location you have selected for your travel insurance cover, yes. When using the Ucompare search engine, you may select from the following locations:

    - Europe;
    - Worldwide including USA/Canada/Caribbean;
    - Worldwide excluding USA/Canada/Caribbean;
    - Australia and New Zealand.

    If you change your travel plans along the way, you must inform your insurance provider to keep them informed. In this situation you may need to alter your policy which can lead to an excess fee. However, it is much better to do this than to be left uncovered if you do need to make a claim from another location.

  7. What is Global Travel Insurance?
  8. Global travel insurance allows people of all nationalities and locations worldwide to obtain travel cover. It is becoming more and more prevalent as people are travelling more often and may often not be in their country of birth or residency. For this reason, Ucompare offers a comprehensive range of global travel insurance policies to cater to all needs.

  9. Can I book travel insurance if I am an EU resident already abroad?
  10. Yes. If you forgot to purchase travel insurance prior to travelling or if your current policy has expired, we are here to help. While most insurance providers maintain strict terms and conditions regarding this criteria, Ucompare offers a selection of global travel insurance policies that remove this barrier, allowing you to get the cover you need from wherever you are.

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