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Has your travel insurance ever expired while abroad? When this happens, it can be quite stressful to organise getting a new travel insurance policy while abroad. You may also find yourself in a similarly stressful situation if you have forgotten to buy your travel insurance before you went away.

Fear not! With Ucompare, we have you covered for exactly these types of situations. With our help, you can quickly and easily purchase a travel insurance policy when you are already abroad.

If you are not an Irish resident and find yourself in these situations needing help when abroad, we are here to help you. With our new global travel insurance while abroad, you will never be stuck. We offer a range of insurance policies without any restriction on customer residency. This means we can cover anyone at all from anywhere in the world!

When you are already overseas travel insurance can be tricky to obtain. With that in mind, we have launched our new service which allows you to overcome this obstacle. Now we ensure that you can get covered from wherever you may be in the world.

How Travel Insurance While Abroad Works

The process couldn’t be more simple. With the Ucompare comparison tool, you can now choose from a range of global policies. This allows you to purchase your travel insurance when abroad quickly from our website and ensure you find the best deal on the market. Whether you are searching for single-trip, multi-trip or backpacker cover, we offer a comprehensive selection of travel insurance packages at the best prices.

Click here and simply input your basic travel criteria to find the best value and cover available for your trip.


Global travel insurance cover comes with an array of great benefits for our customers. It is especially useful if you have forgotten to organise your travel insurance in advance or if your policy expires while you are abroad.

Another great benefit to our new travel insurance policies is that we can now cover you regardless of whether you are an Irish resident or not. This means we can cater for any nationality from anywhere in the world.

With all of this flexibility, we can offer you exactly the type of travel insurance cover you need whomever you are. We have the best travel policies on offer for everyone!


As with all insurance types, there are some exclusions to be aware of. Some of the main reasons for which your travel insurance policy may not cover you are:

  1. Reckless behavior
  2. Claiming against an unapproved medical condition;
  3. Not obeying the law (such as the rules of the road);
  4. Participating in high risk activities without special cover for these;
  5. Travelling against government advice.


  1. What is Travel Insurance While Abroad?
  2. Most travel insurance companies will insist that you purchase your insurance policy while you are still in your country of residence. Thanks to global travel insurance while abroad, this is not longer obligatory. Now you can purchase a new travel insurance policy from wherever you are in the world, regardless of your residency and your current geographical location.

    This means that you will not be stuck if you forgot to arrange your cover in advance or if your old policy expires while you are still travelling abroad. Up until now, this was a difficult situation that travellers faced. Now we offer you a range of global insurance packages to help keep you safe and insured from wherever you are. These insurance policies offer you all the same benefits as if you had made the purchase in advance from your home country.

  3. Can I get a new travel insurance policy if mine has expired abroad?
  4. With our new global travel insurance policies, you can indeed purchase a new policy if yours has expired while travelling. While not all insurance providers cover this instance, Ucompare offers a selection of policies from providers which will cover you.

  5. What is the time frame for making a claim after I buy my policy abroad?
  6. Depending on your policy, there may be time limits in place. As a rule of thumb, try to submit your claim as soon as possible after an incident has occured to be on the safe side.

    If some of your belongings have been stolen or lost, be sure to report them to the local police within 24 hours after the robbery has occured. Keep any documentation safely filed as you will need to provide this in support of your claim.

    If the event for which you want to claim for has occured before you purchased travel insurance, you will not be covered. Travel insurance by nature is protection that covers events that happen only after you have purchased the policy. This is why it is so important to be prepared and purchase your travel policy in advance if possible.

    If in doubt, be sure to call your insurance provider’s emergency contact number to ask them about the best way to proceed and any time limits in place.

  7. Would I be covered for pre-existing medical conditions?
  8. You will only ever be covered for a pre-existing medical condition if you have made your insurance provider aware of it before purchasing your policy. If you develop other medical conditions while travelling, you must contact your insurance provider to keep them fully informed. Failure to do so can deem your claims to be invalid at a later stage.

    It is always worth being fully honest with your insurance provider to avoid being caught out and ultimately left to fend for yourself abroad. Insurance providers are there to help but it is the customer’s responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions.

    Remember that with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you are entitled to free medical care in most countries across Europe. See here for a full list of these countries where you are covered.

  9. I am outside my country for more than 18 months. Can I book your policy?
  10. Each insurer has their own criteria and some will not permit you to book travel insurance if you have already been abroad for 18 months. However, some of our insurance providers can cover you in this instance.