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What cover levels should I look for?

Whether you are searching for Single Trip Travel Insurance, Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance or Backpacker Travel Insurance, it is important that you get the cover that is right for you. Compare different Travel Insurance policies with UCompare.ie and be sure to check the limits on the policy before you make a purchase. Remember, the cheapest option is not always the best one.

With so many different Travel Insurance companies in Ireland, we aim to make the process of choosing a policy as easy as possible. We have provided a number of different filters so we encourage you to use these when getting your Travel Insurance quotes and pick a Travel Insurance policy that is suitable for you. UCompare.ie has a comprehensive understanding of what Irish customers want and expect from their Travel Insurance & we aim to deliver this cover to you via the various Insurers on our site.

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The following points will help you choose the right Travel Insurance cover for you.

  1. Insurance companies offer different types of coverage so you need to identify the type of coverage you require. This can be cover for medical expenses, personal accidents, missed or delayed flights, loss of baggage, lost or stolen travel documents and many more.
  2. Calculate the overall cost of your trip. Usually insurance companies offer trip cancellation due to an illness of you, a close relative or travelling companion. It is important to cover the entire cost of the holiday so you are fully reimbursed if you need to cancel your trip.
  3. Offers Curtailment cover ( e.g. If there was a death of a close family member and you needed to get home quickly).
  4. Search for the best travel insurance companies on the market using comparison websites such as UCompare.ie. You will instantly have access to all of the major insurance companies in the Irish Market.
  5. Choose a company that gives you the best cover for your own needs whether you require Winter sports cover, Business Cover or Cruise Cover.
  6. Make sure the Travel Insurance you purchase covers the geographical area you plan to travel to. This is very important because different countries have huge variations in medical costs.
  7. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to enquire whether or not they are covered as standard on the policy.
  8. Cover for Sports and Activities.

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