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Car hire excess insurance

We compare car hire excess insurance quotes from all the leading life insurance companies in Ireland to get you the best quotes in the market.

Car hire excess insurance

Car hire excess insurance is a relatively new and innovative product on the market. It first came on the scene about ten years ago following an increase in the number of people hiring vehicles. In a nutshell, it protects you from having to fork out inflated excess fees in the event of your vehicle being vandalised, stolen or being involved in an accident. You can purchase a car hire excess insurance policy and in return the insurance provider will protect you should you need to pay the excess outlined in your rental agreement. Many car hire excess insurance companies provide similar insurance, but their premiums are often up to five times more expensive than other providers. Customers have also reported being subjected to hard-sell tactics at the rental desk, such as being told the car hire excess insurance policy that they bought from an independent car hire company is insufficient. In some instances, the cost of the insurance can be more than the cost of renting the vehicle itself.

Type of Car hire excess insurance:

There are car hire excess policies available to suit everyone’s needs. Picture this; you arrive at the car rental desk late at night and the representative tells you that you need to pay a hefty excess fee of €500 to €2,000. They can either freeze this amount on your credit card or you must leave a cash deposit. To the unseasoned renter, this can be very daunting. They will most likely offer you an insurance policy to cover this hefty excess, but it could cost you up to €20 per day! This is where an excess waiver policy can be very useful. It means you can decline the additional cover they are offering and rest assured that you are already covered on your own car hire excess policy, at a cost of only €2.99 per day if you took out a daily rate policy or less than €1.00 per day if you took out an annual policy. Purchasing a policy couldn’t be easier; simply log onto a car hire excess insurance provider’s website BEFORE you sign your rental agreement, and you stand to make huge savings. Logging onto a comparison website, such as UCompare.ie helps you to easily compare all of the cover available on the market and make an informed decision that is right for you.

Why to book with Ucompare

  • Annual Car hire excess insurance

    If you travel away a couple of times per year and rent a vehicle each time, then there are huge savings to be made by purchasing an annual car hire excess insurance policy. An annual car hire excess insurance policy covers you for all the car rental during the year, provided the jurisdiction you are renting the car is covered in the terms and conditions of the policy. Annual car hire excess insurance policies start from 49.99 for a year.

  • Daily car hire excess insurance

    If you are the type of individual who only rents a vehicle for a couple of days per year when you go on vacation, then a daily rate policy is most likely the one for you. Daily car hire excess insurance policy will only cover for the trip and days you have the use of the rental vehicle for all or part thereof. Daily car hire excess insurance policy can be purchased at 2.99 per day of car hire.

Why Ucompare.ie for car hire excess insurance

Car hire excess insurance Ireland also known as Collision Damage Waiver, Loss Damage Waiver or simply excess insurance is an invaluable product if you regularly rent vehicles at home or abroad. Not only does it offer excellent coverage including tyres, windscreen, undercarriage and roof, it can also save you a small fortune. Car hire excess insurance is growing in popularity in Ireland all the time. If you regularly rent vehicles you will be all too familiar with the all of the extras the car hiring companies can throw at you when you arrive to pick up your rental vehicle. These extras can often amount to more than the cost of the vehicle itself. Car hire companies in Ireland and abroad often own in on vulnerable customers, pressuring them to buy a range of extra products that they don’t completely understand. If you purchase a car hire excess policy in Ireland or abroad, you can rest assured that you have all the cover you need which will enable you to comfortably decline the cover offered by the pushy representatives at the rental desk. Typically, a car hire excess policy bought through a comparison engine such as UCompare.ie can save you up to 60% on the prices charged by the rental companies. It is very easy to sign up and you can get cover in less than two minutes with a simple online application form. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to start making big savings.

Car Hire excess insurance

Car hire excess insurance can be purchased as a daily trip policy, for a specific period of time for as little as €2.99 per day. Some rental companies have been known to charge up to €20.00 per day for the same type of cover.

If you frequently rent vehicles, it may work out more economical for you to purchase an annual car hire excess insurance policy instead of a daily rate policy. Some companies will offer as much as 62-day continuous cover on an annual car hire excess policy and you can rent vehicles as often as you like. Many companies purchase this type of cover for when their employees travel abroad and rent cars.

There also tends to be some variation in the territorial limits of most providers offering cover for Europe, USA/Canada or worldwide. European policies may vary from company to company, with some offering cover for EU countries only, while others offer cover all countries west of the Ural Mountains and those bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Worldwide Car hire excess insurance policy allows you to travel to a wider variety of countries, while a USA/Canada policy will only cover those two countries. There are often exclusions on travelling in or through particular countries. Some of the most common excluded countries are Afghanistan, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe. They are also inclined to exclude any claim resulting from you travelling to a specific country or to an area where a government-body or regulatory-body has advised against all or all-but-essential travel.