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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

Choosing travel insurance can be confusing. Some people still prefer to sign up to the travel agent’s like they always have.

Others wonder if there’s any point. Yet, once you know the difference between multi-trip and backpackers cover, it’s easy to see why it’s beneficial to compare travel insurance products.

Importantly, you’re in control of how much or little you pay so there’s no nasty surprises when you need help the most.

We’ve put together answers to top travel insurance FAQ and provided useful tips for finding cheap travel insurance for everyone from the bucket list types to the average family.

Top Travel Insurance FAQ

Business, pleasure and adventure are most people’s reason for travelling. Some travel often, others once a year.

And while thousands flock to the beach, many prefer snow. Travelling by coach, boat or plane is also preference and often part of the holiday.

For this reason, there’s more than one type of policy, and lots of extra cover. To help, here’s some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is it a waste of money?

No. Medical bills can run into staggering amounts, even a basic policy provides medical and liability cover worth millions. You can get fairly cheap travel insurance and have peace of mind.

Where can I compare covers and prices? can do it right now. While the kettle boils, you’ll get quotes from the top providers of travel insurance in Ireland.

Why should a traveller buy insurance?

There’s always a level of risk involved when travelling, and while we’d like to think accidents only happen to others, many are out of our control.

When do I need a single-trip policy?

If you travel once a year, a two week holiday, for example, single-trip insurance is fine. If you plan a long trip, consider backpackers insurance.

When do I need an annual cover?

If you travel often, annual (or multi-trip) policies offer good value. With weekend shopping trips to Europe becoming more affordable, people travel more.

When do I need cruise connection insurance?

Missing your connection may be nobody’s fault but the weather’s. Unfortunately, it’s not always included in a cruise policy.

Why do I need a winter sports cover?

Ski and snowboarding holidays involve more risk than beach holidays. Medical emergencies often require specialist rescues. Your equipment is usually covered too.

Tips for finding travel insurance from Ireland’s top insurers

Besides helping you find cheap travel insurance, these 15 tips should give you an idea about different levels of cover, extras, and might prevent a few problems.

1. Grab a pen and paper to make a list of what you might get up to while you’re away. This is your insurance checklist.

2. Don’t presume. Riding an elephant in Thailand might be as common as riding a donkey; swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand safer than a roller coaster ride. But some insurers might class these as dangerous sports.

3. Low-cost airlines. Compare cover for lost baggage, delays and cancellations. It’s these add-ons where they make money.

4. Buckets lists have at least one thrill-seeking activity. You might need an adventure sports cover.

5. Stag and hen party mini-breaks could benefit from group cover.

6. Boat trips and excursions. It’s expected that most will take a day trip while on holiday. Many insurers include it, some don’t.

7. While backpackers insurance covers you consistently throughout a year’s travel and includes working while you’re away, multi-trip/annual cover is usually limited to 90 days, travel only.

8. In most European countries, a European Health Card entitles you to the same (often free) medical care as a local person.

9. Excess. Lower premiums often have higher excess. Paying a little extra on your premium might be a Godsend.

10. Increase the single item cover. Standard policies only cover €250 per item. But phones and tablets cost much more.

11. Natural disasters. Although rare, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis occur. Ash clouds ground flights for weeks; floods block roads. Catastrophe cover isn’t always included.

12. Group cover. If anyone has been declined insurance, had more than three claims in three years, or has a criminal record for fraud, your policy could be void.

13. Before you travel. Make hard copies of everything: family and emergency contacts, insurance policy numbers and other travel documents.

14. Off the beaten track. Check the local government’s website for the latest travel alerts. Most insurers won’t cover acts of terrorism, like kidnapping.

15. Couples cover. Couples save costs by sharing many things, insurance for travelling is no different.

The best travel insurance quotes instantly

Being Ireland’s first real-time online travel insurance comparison website, has earned an excellent reputation amongst its customers for providing the best travel insurance quotes. An easy-to-navigate website, with common-sense questions and options, means using to compare travel insurance is almost fun.

Knowing the type of cover you need, for this holiday and future adventures, you can now choose what works best for you and do it with confidence.



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