Top 10 Travel Hacks for 2020

top travel hacks 2020

Is travelling one of your New Year’s goals this year? No? Okay well, it should be!

UCompare loves travelling and we think you should too! If you don’t, we’ve gathered our resources and put our heads together (two heads are better than one) to give you top hacks that will make you love it more or… just hate it less.

top travel hacks 2020

Private browsing!

When looking for flight tickets and accommodation we often don’t realise that it’s a competitive market out there.

Sometimes this might mean that the prices increase over time or according to what is perceived as high demand for a product. Check out our blog post on private browsing to save you money.


Packing can be a slight chore. But packing effectively… is still a chore we’ll admit, it just saves you space, a headache, and possibly (?) money. When packing, the best way to maximise your luggage space is by using the rolling technique.

If you use the rolling method, you won’t have to leave any items as you can pack more than you would have with the folding technique.

This technique works by providing you with the ability to put some items into smaller spaces. Rolling your garments can also keep them wrinkle-free and maintain organisation.

Here’s a handy-dandy YouTube video on using the rolling method so you know how!

Security checks

We all hate security, the long lines, the rushed unloading and reloading, what’s not to hate? What if I told you that we don’t have to hate it? That it could all be just a little bit simpler and easier. The hack is to prepare all your things before security (revolutionary stuff we know!)


  • Wear and carry as little metal as you possibly can: jewellery, coins, keys, body-piercings and belts.
  • Make sure your liquids are placed in a clear plastic bag – and yes Vaseline is also a liquid!
  • Keep tech devices in an accessible place – near the front of your bag or on your person if possible.


If you follow all of these tips there’s less of a risk of losing or forgetting items thus, ruining the start of your holiday.

The Dublin airport website has more information to keep you well prepared and up-to-date on security checks at the airport.


When you are checking in at the airport sometimes (not always) you might get lucky. If you ask an agent, they might be able to upgrade or consider you for an upgrade.

This can usually be done if you are early, if you are kind and if you are flying by yourself. All things that are 100% free, lucky for you.

We don’t recommend requesting or causing any hoo-ha about it, but if it’s worked before then it’s always worth a try.

If you don’t manage to get an upgrade, you should still have been prepared by selecting your seats as early as you can. Everybody fights over window seats, but I say the real winning seat is an aisle seat. Which brings us onto the next point…


On flight hacks

This is a tricky hack! You just want to sit back and relax. This is the start of your holiday, of course, the relaxation should begin as soon as you depart but… not quite yet.

Flights can be quite taxing on the body, with the air pressure etcetera, etcetera so unfortunately, you’ll need to work against this until technology finds a way to combat it all for us.

Try to move and stretch as much as you possibly can and are allowed to for the duration of your flight. This will prevent aching and any other pains from developing.


Try to drink as much water as your bladder can handle.

The humidity when you’re in the air is much lower than on land and can range from 10-20%. The Aerospace Medical Association suggest passengers drink ‘about eight ounces of water for every hour [you’re] in the air.’

You can make sure you’ve got enough water for your flight by carrying an empty water bottle ranging from 200-500 ml. It can be larger, and it can also be smaller, but we recommend this amount because it should keep you within the healthy hydration range. Fill up your water bottle at the airport, past security and you’re good to go!


Sometimes we associate hot countries with year-round hot weather. So, that perfect beach holiday needs to be filled with hours spent in the sun.

What we forget is that some countries only have short periods of sun and that seasons are experienced differently across the globe.

Planning a summer getaway to Thailand, for instance, has to take into account that the country experiences an awfully rainy season in June through to August.


Departures and Arrivals Boards


Technology is great if you ask me. Portable devices that you can contact people on from any range of distances, take photos and order food. That’s practically magical on its own!

But the magic doesn’t stop there. We now have apps that can allow us to view the departures and arrivals board from our hands.

To make your trip easier consider downloading apps like FlightBoard, Dublin Airport or The Flight Tracker.

These apps will allow you to track your flight and give you delay alerts. Some of these apps will also have cool extra features like notifying you of the weather in the air.



You might already do this, so skip this hack but this one’s for those of you that don’t!

Films, books and games are all things that can keep you entertained for long-haul or even short-haul flights. Downloading films that you can watch offline before you take your flight will save you a lot of boredom.

Buy that book you like! You know the one you want to read not the one you should read. Anything to keep you distracted from the stress and pain of uncomfortable plane seats.

Offline Maps

Google maps and a few other map apps will allow you to download and save a map to use offline. This is especially great for when you’re in a country and cannot use any mobile data.

You can just download the map before leaving your hotel and bingo you’re ready for your day! No need to worry about getting lost.

Travel insurance is really important for any trip your planning to take. Please check out our website for more information on the travel insurance we offer and to compare great quotes from great providers!


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