Top 50 travel destinations in the world to visit in 2023

top 50 travel destinations in the world

Just yesterday, I met a friend of mine whose new-year resolution is to explore the world.

I think she was a little too inspired by Jack Kerouac.

“In the end, you will not remember the time that you spent in the office or mowing your garden. So, climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

For all the travel-enthusiasts or people who aspire to travel more this year, we have compiled a list of top 50 travel destinations in the world to visit in 2023.

Let’s get started!

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1.Abu Simbel, Egypt

top 50 travel destinations in the world

The Abu Simbel site, one of the most breathtaking sites in Egypt, consists of two temples (one of it is devoted to Ramesses II and the other dedicated to his wife Queen Nefertari).

You can move from one dimly lit chamber to another through the mammoth 98-foot tall great temple and take your time to see the different statues, engravings of various gods and symbols that have been there for over 3000 years ago.

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2. Asturias, Spain

world destination travel

Because of the varied topography, Asturias has everything from lush-green valleys, tidy beaches to snow-capped mountains. Don’t get swayed by its natural beauty though.

Asturias is the home to some of the world’s most famous cave paintings and villages that haven’t changed for centuries; not to forget, the legendary Asturian food specialities.


3.Atlantic Forest, Brazil

top 10 travel destinations in the world

The conservation group, WWF Brazil has proposed a 2485 mile hiker-friendly trail that would connect existing hiking paths through five states.

The group believes that this would raise public awareness of the importance and vulnerability that the Atlantic Forest has.

Let’s help promote this good initiative and for all the adventure-loving people out here, this would surely be a fun trip.


4. Bariloche, Argentina

most popular travel destinations in the world

Bariloche is definitely one of the best travel destinations you can pick.

Snow-peaked mountains, crystal clear lakes, various kinds of activities like rafting, skiing, biking, kayaking, horse riding, hiking and did I mention ice cream?

Yes, Bariloche’s chocolate and ice cream are famous worldwide.

It is also home to an immense national park and a rotating restaurant on the top of a mountain where you can click all your Insta worthy pictures.


5. Big Island, Hawaii

world famous travel destinations

The Big Island has known for its crystal clear blue waters, snow-capped mountains and so many waterfalls in between.

It’s home to so many unique beaches having white, black and green sand.

The water is perfect for activities like snorkeling, swimming, fishing and more.

To top it all, the island’s biggest resort opening by Auberge Resorts is all set to happen in 2020.


6. Bilbao, Spain

best travel destinations in the world

Did you know that just last year Bilbao won the title of the European city of the year?

Bilbao is home to world-class art museums and impressive modern architecture.

You can also get acquainted with the Basque culture here. Bilbao is no less of a dream travel destination for the foodies, consisting of more than 40 Michelin-starred restaurants.

If you go to Bilbao, do not forget to try their Pinxtos.


7. Braga, Portugal


cheapest travel destinations in the world

If you’re looking to go somewhere beautiful but less crowded, Braga is the place to be.

There are many cultural festivals here so book your tickets at the same time.

You can visit some of the most beautiful churches, different museums, gardens, browse for books in an 18th century house, go for a walk in the beautiful winding streets or just relax and enjoy a picturesque sunset with a steaming cup of coffee.


8. Brisbane, Australia


destination world travel


Brisbane is known to cater to everyone’s interests. For foodies, it has a wide range of fine diners, craft breweries and specialty bars.

For those inclined towards art, it has an impressive array of artistic precincts like The Gallery of Modern Art, Judith Wright Centre and so much more.

If you’re someone who’s more into the outdoors, you could kayak in the Brisbane river, go lie at the beach, cycle or hike your way to Mt Coot-Tha summit or go for a dip in the local waterfall. (Bonus: You can also get to click a picture with those cute koalas)


9. Budapest, Hungary


most romantic travel destinations in the world

Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

Budapest, immersed with a rich cultural heritage and magnificent architecture rightly deserves its place in the top travel destinations list.

There is so much to do here from visiting the local ruin bars, checking out the local vintage shops, having some of the best food items, walking through centuries of architectural history by exploring District VIII to relaxing in a beautiful thermal bath.


10. Caesarea, Israel

top travel destinations in the world

Caesarea today is home to the world’s most impressive Roman ruins including a hippodrome with an Egyptian obelisk, an amphitheater and so much more.

Recent restoration work puts the city in line with leading historical destinations like the Acropolis in Athens. Visitors to this place can view newly restored ruins of one of the world’s oldest synagogues.

Archaeologists are also planning to unveil a vast platform containing the ruins of a temple dedicated to Emperor Augustus, a monumental staircase and eight vaults in addition to the four vaults currently open to visitors.


11. Canary Islands, Spain


world map travel destinations

The islands over here are really diverse.

You can find it all, from the beautiful Fuerteventura to the vibrant Gran Canaria, the moon landscape of Lanzarote, black beaches and the amazing waves of Tenerife.

But that’s not all. You could also try out various adventure sports.

And if you’re lucky, you can even spot the Milky Way. Isn’t that magical?


12. Castries, St. Lucia


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

St. Lucia is often said to be the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, especially because of its secluded hotels and romantic beaches.

You can try out many things from going to the remote fishing villages, hiking, swimming in fresh spring water or just relaxing in a luxury resort.

If you’re planning a trip to Castries, you might want to schedule it in June during the Carnival where there is a whirlwind of colourful decoration, celebration and a lot of street parties.


13. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai currently occupies the 3rd spot as one of the world’s best cities for digital nomads and ex-pats.

The city is surrounded by striking mountain scenery. You can spend your days rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, water abseiling, visiting the temples, getting a Thai massage, tasting different Northern Thai dishes or bathing the elephants.

Plan your vacation around the Loi Krathong festival where the Siamese worship the water goddess with banana containers and sky lanterns.


14. Costa Rica

Costa rica

This beautiful country is filled with beaches, river valleys, biodiverse wildlife, rain forest and also amazing luxury resorts, hotels and bars.

It is said that there is literally something for everyone in Costa Rica. You can try out different adventure sports, enjoy the country’s many hot springs, eat delicious food, discover interesting wildlife, wander on the shoreline, taste some of the best coffee or just chill in a world-class resort.


15. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay

George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright once said, “If you want to see heaven on Earth, go visit Dubrovnik.” He isn’t wrong.

Dubrovnik is one of the most unique travel destinations. You’ll find many medieval sights here, art galleries, clear water beaches, the Pearl of the Adriatic, panoramic restaurants and bars with a seaside view.

It is perfect for couples who want a romantic setting in a fairytale town. (If you’re a Game of Thrones fan despite the last season, you can check out all the GoT locations)


16. Egadi Islands, Sicily

Egadi Islands


Many travellers go to Egadi islands to fuel their lust for go-slow, affordable spots where there are very few tourists.

Some of the streets are bikeable. You can also visit the fishing and maritime museum, scuba dive and see the remains of a Roman shipwreck scattered with amphorae and shards of black glazed pottery, look at the cave art figures, explore the various churches and climb up to Pizzo Falcone to see the peregrine falcons circling overhead.


17. Galway, Ireland



Galway is named 2020’s European Capital of Culture so it’s going to be full of fun, art and cultural events this year.

Galway is home to some of the best pubs, mouth-watering delicacies, so many street performances, some amazing countryside, breathtaking beaches and so many places to shop.

If you’re a horse racing fanatic, you should visit Galway in early August to experience one of the most celebrated horse racing competitions in Irish history. Here is a list of top travel destinations in Ireland 


18. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

You can now travel through Grossglockner High Alpine road to explore views that were once only accessible to mountaineers.

The road is named after Austria’s highest peak and runs north to south across the provinces of Salzburg.

If you decide to go there, don’t miss out on a scenic lunch with a view of 37 peaks and 19 glaciers at the Edelweisshütte inn.


19. Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa

Kalahari deserts

If you’re someone who loves stargazing, you need to visit this place in 2020.

!Ae!Hai Kalahari Heritage Park is one of the darkest places and has year-round stable temperatures, virtually zero light or sound pollution and a lack of cloud cover.

It scores an almost perfect 21.9 on the SQM (Sky Quality Meter) scale of darkness which makes it one of the planet’s best stargazing travel destinations.


20. Kampot, Cambodia



Kampot is a laid-back riverside enclave of French colonial buildings. You’ll find many waterfalls, river cruises, Bokor National Park, get to see a lot of fresh pepper plantations and its process, caves and ruins.

You can also take the sunset firefly cruise to see a spectacular view of bright, glowing bugs lighting up the trees as the sun goes down.

That experience is sure to stay with you for a lifetime.


21.Kerala, India


Often known as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is blessed with beautiful backwaters, scenic beauty, a rich assortment of flora and fauna, palm-fringed beaches, waterfalls, magnificent monuments, a rich cultural heritage, temples, and diverse wildlife.

If you do plan a trip here, do not forget to include the beautiful hill station named Munnar.


22.Kotor, Montenegro


Kotor is a walled medieval city set beside sparkling seas and backed by sheer mountains.

The best part about Kotor is that it isn’t so crowded. You can explore the old city and all its main sights like Arms Square, the Maritime Museum, the cathedral of St. Tryphon, the Prince’s palace and the island churches.

The most breathtaking beauty of Kotor is The Bay of Kotor which is surrounded by two massifs of the Dinaric Alps.


23. Lake District, England

Lake Disrict

Lake District was designated a World Heritage site in 2017 and it’s no wonder why.

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, gorgeous places to dine and great accommodation, it’s a place that shouldn’t be missed.

It will be the 250th anniversary of William Wordswoth’s birth this year and his birth village Grasmere is sure to celebrate it magnificently.

What better way to celebrate this occasion than to roam the countryside guided by Wordsworth’s words “Let nature be your teacher”.


24. Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Langkawi Island

One of the most beautiful beaches in Langkawi is Pantai Cenang along with a lot of other secluded beach options as well.

But that’s not all. Other than crystal blue water and white sands, there are many natural attractions from luscious rainforests to floral mangroves, mountainous landscapes, enchanting forests, spectacular waterfalls, caves, tunnels and wildlife.

The night markets, island hopping tours and adrenaline pumping water sports definitely shouldn’t be missed.


25.Lapland, Finland


Most people visit Lapland to see the Northern Lights. It’s definitely something worth going for.

But that’s not all. You can sleep in a luxury igloo at Aurora village, ride with huskies, experience an authentic Finnish sauna at Levi foxfires, visit Santa’s village and visit the ice hotel during winter.


26. Lima, Peru


Lima, known as the City of Kings, has so much in store for its travelers.

Be it the amazing food, colonial style architecture, nightlife or restaurants that rank in the top 10 of the World’s 50 best restaurants.

You can visit the Larco museum, paraglide over Miraflores, go biking or surfing, visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Plaza De Armas De Lima.


27. Dominica


Dominica can be easily said to be the Carribean’s Hidden gem.

It is the only Carribean destination with a walking trail that extends the length of the island.

It is a haven for adventure travellers where they can try out all the activities ranging from hiking, diving, canyoning, rappelling and so many more.

Moreover, Dominica is so clean that you can safely drink straight from its mountain rivers.


28. Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

Luxembourg city

Did you know that the entire capital city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site?

There are many reasons for it. The city has many fairytale like castles, world-class culinary culture and so many magnificent canals. If you’re a wine-lover, we have a beautiful surprise for you.

Restaurant Chiggeri in Luxembourg city has 2200 different wines which is the highest for any restaurant in the world.


29. Maastricht, Netherlands


Maastricht is a foodie destination, no doubt about it. It has everything from Michelin starred restaurants to the incredible local bakeries.

It’s also the perfect place for hiking and spending some time in the lush green forests and beautiful sceneries of the countryside or exploring the city walls, caves and the glorious castles.

And what’s more? Maastricht has the most beautiful bookshop in the entire Netherlands.


30. Magdalen Islands, Canada

Magdalen Islands

Magdalen Islands are a group of six inhabited islands, of which 5 are connected and so moving from one to the other is easy.

Each island has something special, from infinite sand dunes, hidden shipwrecks and so much more.

The people over here are some of the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet.

You can visit artisan shops, engage in conversations with them, drive a scooter around, rent a kayak and end your day with a beer from the local microbrewery.


31. Maldives


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, much of the Maldives could disappear in decades due to rising sea levels because of global warming.

Maybe that’s the reason why Maldives is driven by many forward-thinking sustainability initiatives.

It’s the perfect place to wind up with your partner or to enjoy your solitude.


32. Marrakech, Morocco


Marrakech is the place to explore all those museums and hotels that have opened recently.

The city still seems like it was nearly a thousand years ago with bell shaped doors, narrow streets and rows of small stalls lined up across those streets.

Shopping here is fun as there are no price tags, you can bargain which will be an experience in itself.

A lot of art galleries have popped up in recent years so it may soon become a major art destination.


33. Montreux, Switzerland


There are a lot of things to do in Montreux but the one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is its Jazz festival. Every year in July, it hosts one of the world’s biggest and best jazz festivals.

The atmosphere is unparalleled then. Other than that, you can enjoy its scenic beauty, visit the medieval fortress, Charlie Chaplin museum, the Lavaux vineyards, the Golden pass line.


34. National Blue Trail, Hungary

National blue trail

For all the hiking lovers, Hungary is the dream destination and rightly so.

The National Blue Trail is Europe’s first long-distance trail.

It begins in Spain and ends in Cyprus. While you could enjoy the trek, you could also experience the National Blue Trail as a singular destination.


35. Nikko, Japan


Japan is all set to host the Olympic games in Tokyo this year.

To escape the maddening crowds, Nikko is the perfect place to be at. You can visit many UNESCO World Heritage sites, many temples as this is one of the earliest places to adopt Buddhism, go hiking around the nearby Lake Chuzenji or relax in one of the hot springs. In 2020, luxury hotel Nikko Fufu is about to open wherein each room will have its own hot spring.


36. Nuuk, Greenland


Nuuk is referred to as the “Colourful Nuuk”. The reason behind it is the many colourful wooden houses. In the old times, the colours signalized where to find the doctor, grocer, school, etc.

The local art and food scene is booming in Nuuk and there are a lot of things to do here from skiing, snowmobiling to having a cup of coffee in cosy cafes.

With the Arctic Sea ice declining at the rate of 12.8% per decade, tick this place off your bucket list as fast as you can.


37. Paris, France


While people usually remember Paris for the Eiffel Tower, there are a lot of other reasons to visit Paris.

You can visit The Louvre and other magnificent architectural sites, enjoy a concert, cruise down the Seine river, tour the famous flea market, explore the medieval streets of the Marais, enjoy the delicious food and wine and go for a day trip to fun places like Disneyland Paris.


38. Parma, Italy


Parma is Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2020 so this is the right time to book your tickets for Parma.

Some things that you should not miss out on are The Cathedral of Parma, a classical performance at the Teatro Regio, the street life coupled with shopping, some delicious pasta with parmigiano reggiano cheese, wine tasting and the different cultural events that will take place this year.


39. Plymouth, England


As it is the 400th anniversary year of the Mayflower’s voyage from Plymouth to the New World, there will be more than 100 events including music, art, dance, theater, historical and comedy reenactments.

There are also some amazing restaurants and wine bars on the waterfront to go to. You can also explore Plymouth’s historic side by visiting historic monuments.

To top it all, the opening of The Box is all set to happen this spring which will feature a history museum, regional archive and contemporary art exhibitions.


40. Puebla, Mexico


You can get to see America’s first library in Puebla which has a collection of more than 45,000 books and manuscripts ranging from the 15th to the 20th century.

To satisfy your inner foodie, you’ll have some of the best Mexican dishes here. If that’s not enough, there’s so many places to visit like Mexico’s active volcano, world’s widest pyramid, 17th and 18th century buildings and the recently restored International Museum of the Baroque.


41. Queenstown, New Zealand


Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world and rightly so.

From bungee jumping, skydiving, skiing, white water rafting to zipline riding, it’s a haven for all the adventure lovers out there.

You also get to eat the juiciest burger known as the ‘ferberger’, get on the gondola and enjoy the breathtaking views and enjoy the fun nightlife here.


42. Rajasthan, India

If you’re someone who loves knowing about the history and exploring architecture, this is the place to be. Rajasthan has beautiful ancient forts and palaces, colourful and bustling cities, heritage hotels and some of the must-visit wildlife sanctuaries.

When you book your tickets to Rajasthan, don’t forget to include the colourful and unique cities such as The Pink City of Jaipur, The Blue City of Jodhpur and the City of Lakes, Udaipur.


43. Vanuatu


You can swim in the bluest of waters at the crystal clear freshwater lagoons in Vanuatu and experience fantastic waterfalls like the Lolima waterfalls.

Vanuatu has so many incredible family resorts that it’s the perfect place for your summer family trip.


44. Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburg Festival is going to celebrate its centennial this summer.

If you’re into music, this is the perfect place to be in 2020. There will be performances by some of the finest maestros and soloists in the world and so much more in store for the music enthusiasts.

If not that, there’s always the beautiful rural and urban landscapes to explore, the delicious cuisine, modern art museums and some magnificent architecture to gape at.


45. The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands

You can find it all over here. From the delicious food to some of the biggest music festivals, stunning beaches, incredible scenic places, epic nightlife and to top it all, the amazing weather.


46. Sarajevo, Bosnia


Sarajevo is a city brimming with history, delicious food and so many other things to do.

The museums are a must-visit when it comes to Sarajevo. Other than that, you could hike to Mount Trebevic, view a glorious sunset while taking a walk up the Yellow Fort, visit the Srebrenica gallery and explore the World War stories by losing yourself in the tiny streets of the city.


47. Siargao, Philippines


The best part about Siargao is that it is so beautiful yet not that crowded, meaning you’ll find a lot of clean beaches here.

Sugba lagoon in Siargao is the Philippines’ second biggest mangrove forest.

The water here is so clear that you could enjoy a lot of water sports such as diving, kayaking, snorkelling and so on.

You can even rock dive, explore the caves, find the perfect destination for surfing at Cloud 9, go for an island hopping tour and enjoy the island’s nightlife.


48. Tahiti, French Polynesia


Tahiti is often known as a romantic destination but there’s lot more to it.

From the mesmerizing Tahiitian dancing to the knockout volcanic landscape that shapes Moorea, French Polynesian cuisine and whale watching, Tahiti’s islands have so much to offer.

It also has impressive peaks, waterfalls, endless lagoons and jungle tours for your amazing Instagram pictures.

Due to less pollution, you can also get to view some famous constellations like Scorpio, The Southern Cross, etc.


49. Telc, Czechia



Telc has some very beautiful, fairy-like sites to offer. It is filled with colourful Renaissance and Baroque townhomes and makes for a picturesque setting.

Some homes even have a mark on them to signify who used to live there.

You can explore the many underground tunnels, churches and be sure to visit the beautiful castle in Telc.

This entire town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s no wonder why.


50. The Geirangerfjord, Norway

The Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerjford stretches for more than 9 miles and is a scenic place filled with deep blue water surrounded by majestic cliffs and lush green mountains that stretch 3500 feet high.

Not to be missed are the Seven Sisters including some other waterfalls, the exhibits, lunch with a view at some incredible restaurants,  hiking trails and other adventure activities.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let us know in the comments which place tops your travel destination list for 2023.


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