10 Top Travel Destinations in Ireland to Visit in 2020

Top Irish travel places

Ireland isn’t all Dublin and Belfast; this little country boasts many magnificent cities and beautiful landscapes.

You just have to be willing to find them and ready for an adventure. We’ve made it a little bit easier (as we so often like to do) and done the finding for you.

All you have to do is read and be ready to pack your bags. We’re just saying… it’s really that good.


You might have heard of this particular city because of a certain singer with roots in the area. We don’t like name-dropping, so we’ll let you take a wild guess.

He lost his heart to a Galway girl, but we assure you it’s not just the girls in Galway you’re destined to lose your heart to. From Sky Road to Kylemore Abbey, this Irish harbour city is designed to ensnare you with its charm.


Visit the historically rich Abbey that was erected in the 1800s for a spot of Irish antiquity.

Then maybe, take a stroll through the Connemara National Park to enjoy what the Irish landscapes have to offer.

All of nature’s beautiful charm is exquisitely captured in over 1,500 hectares of heaths, mountains and bogs.

The Aran Islands

The islands popularised by fictional documentary Man of Aran has a lot to offer!

Three remote islands make up the entirety of the island: Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer. The islands sit powerfully in the mouth of Galway Bay.

The Aran Islands

The appeal of this city is in its deep-rooted connection to the land and culture. Gaelic is the first language here and it is spoken proudly amongst 12,000 residents.

if you want to learn the Irish tongue then the best place to do that would be here.

The archaeological heritage runs deep in this area. Visit Dun Aonghasa to view one of seven large prehistoric hill forts in the region.


If you haven’t visited Cork on your trip to Ireland, then you haven’t visited Ireland. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them! This is the second-largest city in Ireland so there’s plenty to explore.

The rebel county, as it is known is jam-packed with tourist attractions and places to enjoy even as an Irish national. Visit Cork and kiss the Blarney Stone at the top of the Blarney Castle.

This stone is well known for its connection to the popular myth that kissing it imparts great eloquence on the kisser.

At the gateway to West Cork lies Kinsale which is filled with Spanish history following the Battle of Kinsale.

Now, however, the area is renowned for its remarkable seafood restaurants coupled with timelessly scenic views.


Dublin, Dublin, Dublin! Where do I start! Being the capital, it’s your best bet for variety. You can’t go wrong if you choose to visit Dublin. From Grafton Street to St Stephen’s Green you are in for a treat.

A shopper’s paradise, a history majors dream, and an adventurer’s adrenaline rush.

Grafton Street is the soul of Dublin’s social life being its shopping mecca since the Victorian period. If you would like to shop till you literally drop, then spend the day on this consumerist haven. Luxury stores, splendid restaurants and talented performance artists of all varieties can be found on the busy lengths of Grafton street.

It’s not all shopping in Dublin, museums and other sites of historical significance are plentiful. Visit Trinity College to view The Book of Kells, the Irish national treasure.

An illuminated Latin Gospel manuscript from 800 AD, which contains the four gospels from the New Testament. Or stop by any of the following places that suit your fancy: The National Gallery, The Guinness Storehouse and The Little Museum of Dublin.


This small port town is bordered by sandy beaches and picturesque rugged cliffs. You’ll be pulling out your phone to attempt to capture the beautiful views your whole trip. But we advise against this, in favour of truly taking it in through natures lenses (your eyes!).

travel destinations in Ireland

This town is great for those who might enjoy a more activity-centred, adrenaline-packed holiday. A Dingle Sea Safari may place you in the company of a single bottlenose dolphin that has survived in the bay from around the year 1983.

Additionally, you can take a walk through The Dingle Peninsula and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Both the Dingle Peninsula and the Wild Atlantic Way are popular for their breath-taking views and enchanting scenery.

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Limerick you’re a lady… but you’re also very many other things.

Visit the Treaty City, Limerick during your trip to Ireland to discover history and nature. The parks, nature reserves and gardens are endless: People’s Park, Terra Nova Fairy Garden and, Coolwater Garden to name a few.

Some of these are even award-winning gardens in Ireland and rightly so!

The luxurious and magical, Adar Manor is located in Limerick. A stay here or at any other of the hotels located in Limerick is well worth the visit.

Take a gamble at kayaking through the River Shannon during the afternoon, followed by an evening of variety in live music at Dolan’s Pub.


If you can’t get enough of nature in any of the other cities in Ireland, then you should visit Killarney.

The Killarney National Park established in 1932, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve! Filled with some of the rarest Irish flora and fauna. It is also home to Ireland’s only herd of native red deer.

Top Irish travel places

Visit Muckross House and Gardens for a mix of the old and new! The 19th-century Victorian mansion Muckross House is set among mountains, woodlands and shops and cafés.

The juxtaposing does not stop there, take a stroll through the house and gardens to see the jaunting cars to the traditional farms.

For a two in one experience, you can also see Killarney National Park from Muckross House!

Valentia Island

Valentia Island is situated off the peninsula in Iveragh in the Kerry County of Ireland. This island is home to the Geokaun Mountain and the Valentia Lighthouse. Both sites enriched with history and culture.

For more culture stop by the village museum, Valentia Heritage Centre and travel through the millennia.

The expositions include social and geological exhibitions as well as, showcasing the early Tetrapod trackway.

Blessington Lakes

Do the other locations not meet your adventure needs? Do you want a little bit more fun and adventure? Blessington Lakes is the place to go.

Vertigo outdoors has a lot of activities for you to participate in within the great outdoors of Blessington Lakes.

Visit the National Bird of Prey Centre to learn and see all manner of birds of prey.

Take a stroll through Russborough House, a handsome home built between 1741-1750. You can also catch a striking glimpse of Wicklow Mountains from the house.


Limerick is not the only city with a famous connection to literature. Sligo is home to Benbulbin, a beautiful rock formation estimated to have been formed during the ice age.

This beautiful formation in the Dartry Mountains is very often entwined with Irish mythology and literature such as the work of W.B. Yeats.

Take the Sligo Dark Tales Tour or visit Tobernalt Holy Well! You’ve got so many options, all within a short distance of each other.

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