Ten travel hacks that will save you cash

Everyone loves travelling, it gave you an escape from mundane life but when it comes to pocket it sometimes becomes stressful!
Ten travel hacks that will save you cash

The cost of travel, including lodging, meals, and enjoyable activities you want to do while you’re there, may directly conflict with your pleasure of travelling. And it doesn’t even go into all the unexpected costs of travel.

So if you so much want a vacation but have a limited budget this article is for you:-

10 travel hacks that will save you cash

Plump up your packing with a pillow

You’re not alone if you’ve ever purchased what you thought were inexpensive airfares only to learn that your luggage will end up costing more than the actual flight. Packing an empty, zipped pillowcase to fill with more clothing is one technique to fit more luggage on your flight without paying exorbitant fees for extra baggage.

If the case is closed “like a bag” and doesn’t contain any prohibited items, most airlines will let you bring a pillow on board with no security issues. To avoid additional fees – when that’s precisely what you’re after – check what pillow size is acceptable for your airline. Some airlines, though, may count it as a personal item.

Keep your cash hidden from view

A bikini with pockets is uncommon. So how are you supposed to protect your money when you’re at the beach?

With a lip balm tube, conceal it from view. To remove the contents, wind the stick all the way up first. (If you don’t want it to go to waste, you could simply place this into another little, empty pot.)After that, thoroughly clean it with a cotton bud. Take out your cash, fold and roll the bill, and then insert it.

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Charge your devices

If you’re finally going on vacation, take an extension lead instead of spending money on pricey plug converters. This will save you money because you won’t need to buy many travel adapters, which are frequently around £6 each.

Buy early to get the best value

If you purchase travel insurance as soon as you make your reservation, you will be covered before your vacation even begins. If an unforeseen circumstance forces you to cancel your trip, you will be protected up until the time of departure.

There are many reasons why a holiday could need to be cancelled, from illness to flight delays.

Additionally, you’ll have piece of mind knowing that you won’t ve to blow all of your cash on a vacation which never happens if you buy an insurance policy that includes cancellation coverage.

You can also check other travel insurance such as backpacker travel insurance, single-trip travel insurance and annual multi trip travel insurance to save your lot of money.

Try this cunning trick for more legroom

Select an aisle and window seat if you are travelling alone and the rows are three seats wide. The middle seat is less likely to be claimed if the flight doesn’t reach capacity.

Of course, this could backfire if someone actually takes that seat, but if you give them the option of the window or the aisle, maybe they’ll be happy to exchange, allowing you and your travelling companion to at least sit together.

Avoid being taken advantage of by sly roaming fees

Mobile networks in EU nations were prohibited from charging users extra fees in 2017 for using their phones in other EU members.

Unfortunately, the Brexit trade agreement left out protection from roaming fees, which means that many Britons taking vacations in Europe could soon be slapped with unforeseen costs.

While some networks continue to abide by the law, others have begun to reinstate the fees. Prior to your trip, confirm your situation with your provider.

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Take advantage of  offline features of ‘Google Maps’

Using Wi-Fi instead of calling or texting can often be avoided.If you ask, the majority of cafes, restaurants, and even some institutions will divulge their password.

Concerned about getting around?

With Google Maps offline capability, you can download a map of a certain location when you have internet access and use it later when you don’t.

Accept parental benefits

Did you know that certain airlines provide free check-in for car seats and foldable strollers?

Parents may be pleasantly surprised by the accommodating baggage policies offered by even some of the less expensive airlines.This trick could help you save hundreds of dollars as renting car seats and strollers while you’re abroad can be expensive.

It’s a good idea to cover everything you’re checking in with plastic wrap and plenty of tape, whether it’s a car seat or a stroller.

To save room in your suitcase, you might be able to smuggle a few towels in there.

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Access the airport lounge without paying a fee

A flight in business class is not required to enter an airport lounge.

Certain credit cards, bank accounts, and frequent flyer programmes will let you enter without charging a fee.

An alternative is to purchase a one-time pass.

These can cost as little as £20 per person, and if you can find a lounge that provides free refreshments, you can quickly recoup your investment.

Skip dinner

Don’t worry; we’re not advocating that you skip meals.

If you enjoy eating out while on vacation, consider going out for breakfast or lunch rather than dinner.

You could even mix the two and have a large brunch because it’s typically considerably less expensive. You might choose to eat sandwiches from the grocery store and delectable pastries from nearby bakeries in the evening.


Using these 10 travel tips can help you save a tonne of money on your upcoming trip. These suggestions offer useful methods to cut costs without sacrificing the standard of your trip, from carefully choosing flights and using budget-friendly lodging to making the most of loyalty programmes and researching local transport choices.

You may travel more affordably while still making priceless memories and visiting new places by using your creativity, adaptability, and initiative. Start using these tips today, and then set out on your next adventure with assurance knowing that you have the resources to save money along the way.

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