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Ryanair Flight Cancellations And How Travel Insurance Policy Can Help

After an extremely rocky few days for Ryanair, are you worried that you may be affected by further flight cancellations in the future?

Over the next few weeks, up to 50 flight cancellations per day due to what Michael O’Leary has deemed a staff rostering issue and a move to improve flight punctuality. Many of these flights were cancelled with extremely short notice, leaving approximately 400,000 people potentially stranded abroad. Now is the time to take out that travel insurance policy you’ve been thinking about and make sure if you are eligible for flight cancellation compensation.

The Irish airline has faced a backlash at home and overseas, with over 150 flight cancellations affecting Dublin airport alone. Some of the other airports worst affected are some the busiest and most popular destinations; London Stansted, Milan Bergamo, Madrid, Barcelona El Prat, Glasgow and Krakow. What may have been a relaxing city break or a quick business or leisure trip for many has turned into a chaotic nightmare, especially for those without travel insurance.

Click here for a complete list of cancelled flights.

Are you eligible for a flight cancellation compensation & how quickly will  Ryanair compensate travellers for the disruption?

Unfortunately, the process of claiming back money from airlines directly is a slow and tedious process, which offers very little immediate assistance, if any.

For those affected, Ryanair are offering 2 options in line with EU law. You may either apply for a refund or change your cancelled flight for free.

If you choose to take the flight refund, you will be waiting up to seven days to get this money back and no claims for expenses will be accepted by Ryanair. If you have already travelled quite a far distance to get to the airport or you are now forced to find last-minute accommodation, this may prove quite distressing, as nothing will be compensated.

Although Ryanair are offering the possibility of rescheduling your flight, many passengers are being told that the next available seat to get them home will be in over one week’s time. This simply doesn’t cut it for the large majority of those travelling who have work and other commitments the next day.

If you choose to accept the next available flight, you will be covered for meals, accommodation and transfers if required. Ryanair may or may not organize these for you. If they don’t, you must keep all relevant receipts and you will receive a reimbursement for all expenses deemed “reasonable”. For example, Michael O’Leary has stated that 5-star hotels would not be covered.

Also in line with EU law, passengers should be entitled to assistance following a cancellation if it was within the airline’s control. Cancellation amounts may range up to €250 for short-haul flights, such as those affected in this situation, and up to a maximum of €600 for long-haul trips. Again, it is “too little, too late” by the time any money reaches the passenger’s pocket. However, if Ryanair manage to prove that the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances, you will not be entitled to any compensation from the airline.

Some extra cover may apply for additional costs incurred, which cannot be reimbursed elsewhere, and the alternative flight offered by Ryanair was not within 24 hours of the original flight time.

If you were lucky (or clever enough!) to have taken out a travel insurance policy in Ireland including travel disruption cover, you may be covered for additional transport or accommodation expenses up to a maximum of €1,000. This covers costs which Ryanair will not. Please find further information on what’s covered under travel insurance policy:

  • Travel delay

No cover available. Policies extend to covering travel delay resulting from strike, industrial action, adverse weather or mechanical breakdown only.

  • Abandonment

No cover available.

  • Cancellation/Curtailment

No cover available.

  • Travel Disruption

Excludes claims arising within 7 days of the date you purchased the insurance or the time of booking, whichever is later.

Extended Travel Delay would apply.

Extended Abandonment would apply.

  1. Loss of unused travel and accommodation which cannot be reimbursed from other sources, will be refundable (subject to a delay / cancellation of 12 hours);
  2. Additional travel and accommodation which cannot be reimbursement from other sources, if they choose to make other travel arrangements because the alternative offered by Ryanair could not be provided within 12 hours.
  • Flight cancellation cover

Cover would apply for additional travel and accommodation costs incurred which cannot be reimbursed from other sources, if you choose to make other travel arrangements because the alternative flight offered by Ryanair was not within 24 hours.

Passengers must recover costs which are payable under the EU261 regulation against the airline. Customers who purchased the additional cover after the notification was issued by Ryanair will not be covered. 

It is quite a complex situation, and no doubt those affected abroad are feeling the impact of the turmoil. But don’t be put off by planning that next European trip!

“By cancelling less than 2% of our flying programme over the next six weeks, until our winter schedule starts in early November, we can improve the operational resilience of our schedules and restore punctuality to our annualised target of 90%,” Ryanair’s Head of Communications Robin Kiely assures us.

Stay safe when travelling with budget airlines and make sure you are aware of the flight cancellation compensation policies. Buying a travel insurance to protect you in such cases is most ideal. Visit us today at Ucompare to see how we can help you avoid turmoil and minimize stress when travelling. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the right travel insurance policy at the right price.

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