Expert’s Tips to Remember When Planning a Family Holiday

family holidays

It can be quite tricky to keep on top of things when planning a family holiday.

What with all the millions of small items (and people) you are required to remember, it’s no wonder we often forget a few crucial details.

So, we at UCompare have made a comprehensive list of expert tips to remember when planning a family holiday!

This list should be all you need to plan the perfect family holiday.

family holidays

Ready, Set, Jet

One of the most obvious and essential things to remember when planning any holiday, least of all a family holiday is booking your flights.

Booking flights can be quite tough, what with all the choice out there due to a competitive market.

However, no matter how difficult it is, don’t get distracted by all the fancy deals when booking flights for a family holiday. Always read the small print, especially when considering a cheaper alternative; otherwise, the costs may rack up.

Don’t click that green button just yet! Sometimes, unconsidered expenses absorb supposed savings.

Remember to check;

does your ticket include taxes?

Does it include baggage fees?

Have you thought about what to do with your baby stroller?

Lastly, no matter how well prepared you are, you cannot prepare for the unpreparedness of airlines dealing with pesky weather woes.

More than 10 flights were cancelled in a day during the peak point of lousy weather in Dublin last year. So, to avoid the hassle, consider taking out travel insurance that includes travel disruption cover amongst many other things.

See more details on travel insurance here 

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Location, Location Location

Flights are a big step, but they’re only the first step.

Finding suitable accommodation with fussy children might be the biggest challenge of all.

Is it really all-inclusive?

When deliberating accommodation for a family holiday, it’s important to take into account accessibility and child-friendliness!

Is it travel accessible?

It’s all well and good finding somewhere cheap, but if it’s far from all your planned sources of fun, you might end up spending your savings.

Is it child-friendly?

Are there any activities the kids can do while you’re at the hotel so that you’re not spending every penny to keep them from drawing on the walls?

Or, you may have to consider getting a travel insurance policy with personal liability just in case.

plan each bfamily holidays

Fun in the Sun


You’re on holiday to relax (hopefully?) and unwind (definitely!).

A lot of hotels offer free facilities for children, i.e. swimming pools, you just have to make sure you’re booked in with the right one.

Try to make sure you get the most out of your place of accommodation so that the kids are always distracted.

Another thing to make sure of when planning a family holiday is to pre-book tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions are most expensive when booked at the time of visitation.

Avoid unnecessary costs and claim those discounts by booking fun activities online. Or, you can also choose to cut out costs completely by researching what free amenities and attractions are available. For example;

  • The beach
  • Museums (some)
  • Art galleries (also some)
  • Swimming pools
  • Food markets
  • Free cultural events (jazz in the park?!)

family holiday tips

Don’t Forget Your Passport

Keys, wallet, and… what was that last thing?

Sometimes when you’re travelling with kids, the most essential things can slip your mind.

Not only is it important to have everybody’s passport with you, but it might also help to carry a photocopy of passports.

Carrying a photocopy of your passport in a different bag can help make it easier to get a replacement at the embassy if your passport is lost or accidentally destroyed.

It would help if you also looked at travel insurance policies that might reimburse you for fees required to get a replacement passport.

As Ray Romano intelligently puts it; ‘Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.’ With that said, it is vital to remember to bring something like a European Health Insurance Card if you are travelling to somewhere in Europe.

Travel insurance policies can cover emergency medical care or evacuation, just as long as you make sure you select the one suitable for you.

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Money, Money, Money


It’s difficult to part with your hard-earned cash, no matter how much you feel you deserve it, so why not part with it responsibly?

Make sure you’re not parting with the cash you don’t need to by, exchanging at places that offer the best rates you can find. That means it’s best not to exchange at an airport!

Additionally, keep emergency cash where possible so that you are prepared for any of the unforeseen circumstances that can sometimes happen on family holidays.

You can also protect your money, in the unfortunate case that it’s been stolen, by selecting a travel insurance policy which includes this cover.

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Airport Blues


It’s really vital you go to the airport prepared, and no, passports and luggage aren’t what I am referring to.

If you’ve ever travelled with kids, you have to know that distractions are almost always necessary (at least for your sanity).

With some of the more expensive airlines, you might be fortunate and receive some help in this area; however, others you might not be so lucky.

With that in mind, please carry a favourite toy or blanket.

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Pack it All Away


If you want to have a quiet holiday, make sure you pack everything that you absolutely cannot go without!

That’s things like medication, sun cream and toiletries.

If you know that the kids cannot go without it, don’t even hesitate, put it in the bag.

However, some things that are easily replaced like shower gel consider buying at a local store if it is not provided at your place of accommodation.

Lastly, when it comes to the style of packing, remember; rolling is to save space.

The method of packing is totally dependent on what you value more, one is more important if you have a particularly low weight allowance.

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