Essential Items to Keep With You if You are Flying During Covid-19

essential items during covid

Are you planning to catch a flight this summer? Here are some of the essential items that you can tag along in your hand luggage.

Now that many counties are alleviating their travel curtailments and quarantine measures, you might be thinking to take some time off for your summer vacations.

From the 4th of July, the Foreign Office’s admonition against everything except necessary international travel was lifted for certain countries.

essential covid items

What’s more, from 10th of July, travellers coming back to England from specific destinations will not have to quarantine themselves – among them Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and France.

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Have you booked flights or are intending to do so? Then go through our handy list of essential items to keep with you in your hand luggage to help limit the risk of coronavirus exposure while travelling during these turbulent times of pandemic.

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These items are of immense importance in case you’re taking a trip during these difficult times we’re living through.

Hand sanitizer

It is advisable to use hand sanitizer immediately after coming in contact with something or touching any surface in the airport premises or on the plane.

The ideal sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Disinfectant wipes

These can be utilized to wipe down surfaces like your seating area and tray table and also the general space around you.

Most airlines have already enhanced their cleaning measures; however, to cross-check your safety there is no harm to give surfaces an additional wipe.

Face covering

It does not require much effort, and most flights won’t let you board unless you have got a face veil that appropriately covers your nose and mouth.

essential items during covid

You may keep spares for everyone if on the off chance they get broken or lost.

Isopropyl wipes

Explicitly, in the digital world today, you most likely touch your phones as much as you touch your face or sometimes even more than that.

To limit the risk of coronavirus exposure, clean your phone with an isopropyl wipe.


COVID-19 symptoms incorporate windedness, coughing, fever and an irritated throat. A travel thermometer will assist you with monitoring your temperature.

Safety glasses

Protective goggles have been demonstrated to be viable as they prevent individuals from touching the area around their eyes. In case you’re wearing a face veil along with a pair of safety glasses, it’s improbable you’ll touch your face by any means.

Ordinary glasses or shades will work similarly too – or you could simply buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses, which are said to diminish the blue light glare radiated by digital gadgets and guarantee to shield eyes from glare and decrease eye strain and endorse healthy sleep patterns.

Digital oximeter

On the off chance that you are in the risk category for coronavirus, you will need a digital pulse oximeter, easily available at most drug stores or online stores for a reasonable price.

Generally, when your levels of oxygen fall below 94 percent, you will be symptomatic. Any saturation below 94 per cent is disconcerting.

Disposable travel socks

Keep a pair for when you need to take your shoes off during the walk, through a security check, and for when you take your shoes off to get settled during the flight

Contactless door opener

This helpful contraption will eventually decrease the need to contact surfaces like doorknobs, and it can likewise be utilized as a substitute for your fingers in the event that you need to touch buttons on a cashpoint or keypad – simply wipe it down after the use.

Some more air travel tips for safe flying during the pandemic:

  • Visit the website of your flight provider and download their application and then generate a soft copy of your boarding pass to limit contact. Need the ultimate alternative? The Apple Watch likewise stores your boarding pass so you need not carry anything at all.
  • Keep your hand sanitizer and other essential items in a place that is accessible at all the times – it’s ideal to have them in your pocket or a small bag that can be kept under your seat instead of putting them in the overhead locker.
  • If you have to pay for anything, use digital modes whenever possible. If you are to pay through your credit card, sanitize it after the use.
  • Always attempt to keep up a two-meter distance from your fellow passengers where plausible. Consider boarding last in the queue or waiting at a little distance from the entrance, where it is less crowded.
  • Where conceivable, stagger eating and drinking with other passengers to maintain a strategic distance from everyone pulling their veils down simultaneously.
  • When going through a security check, place small items like coins, passport, jewellery and so on, inside your carry-on bags instead of putting them in the common tray to limit the spread of the virus.
  • Avoid using latex gloves – specialists caution that you are likely to contaminate yourself with gloves just in case you remove them incorrectly. Using hand sanitizer is a better and simpler method to lessen the risk of exposure.



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