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Do I Need Travel Insurance for Skiing?

Whether you are a romantic couple looking for an adventurous getaway for Valentine´s day or a family looking for a fun and enjoyable Mid-Term week holiday, February is definitely the best month to hit the slopes.

And if you haven´t booked your ski holidays yet, hurry up!

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Skiing?

There are great deals out there which will include flights and accommodation for all budgets, but be careful, many of them won´t include ski Travel Insurance and ski-holidays travel agents won´t let you travel unless you have a valid Travel Insurance policy.

Let´s be honest now, skiing and snowboarding are dangerous sports, no matter how much risk you take on the slopes, the possibilities of having an accident will always be there.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Skiing?

Winter Sports Travel Insurance, Maybe is the first time you hear about it, or maybe you have seen it before but you didn´t know if it was worth to buy it?

Winter Sports Travel Insurance has many benefits (of course, this will vary depending on the Insurance policy) and below are some of the main ones you want to make sure are covered:

  1. For those who have Annual Travel Insurance, make sure the option of winter travel sports is included, as many Insurance companies will have them as an extra.
  2. Loss, theft or damage of the ski-equipment.
  3. In case of not being able to ski because of an injury, the cost of the ski passes, your school classes, and ski hire equipment would get reimbursed.
  4. Rescue from the mountain/repatriation.
  5. Off-Piste skiing/snowboarding, but be careful here, because some policies will only cover if you are accompanied by a fully qualified ski/snowboard instructor.

We do recommend comparing Insurance policies and buy the policy that suits your criteria and budget.

Please note that the cheapest Travel Insurance policy might not cover all your requirements.

Things to consider before you buy a winter sports ( Ski ) travel insurance policy:

  1. Is there any age restriction on the policy?
  2. If I have to cancel my ski-holiday, will I get my money back?
  3. What will happen if there is no snow in my Ski-Resort?
  4. Does my policy cover medical expenses, including rescue from the mountain or repatriation to Ireland? What happens if I injure another person on the slopes?
  5. Does this policy cover extras, such as lost/thief of ski equipment?
  6. Does my policy cover Off-Piste?
  7. Will I get the money of Ski-Pass/Lessons/Ski Hire if I get injured?

So now that you know everything, pack your warm clothes and enjoy the slopes!


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