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Craziest Travel Insurance Claims

Ever wondered how strange or random some travel insurance claims can be? We reveal the best (and wackiest)!

Most travel insurance claims are along the lines of a flight or accommodation issue…. But are they all as boring as this? Not at all!

In fact, some of the claims received by insurers are so funny that they simply must be shared.

Certain bizarre claims may be made with the sole objective of giving their insurance provider’s representative a good laugh, while others may be wannabe fraudsters… but some are genuine claims regarding real yet highly-unlikely events!

Read on to find out which bizarre real claims were accepted or denied:

Pure Monkey Business

A couple exploring the beauty of Bali, Indonesia, embarked one day to visit an ancient temple. What should have been quite a relaxing day turned dramatic when a wild monkey appeared and stole their bag before they had time to react. The couple and monkey then began a “fight to the death” for the bag. The baboon was crowned victorious, throwing the bag off the cliff before vanishing. Fortunately enough, their travel insurance claim for the bag and items inside was accepted!

Teeth Ahoy!

Seasickness is the only possible downside of being on a cruise that we can think of. However if you are suffering from this, your unforgettable cruise trip may become unforgettable for the wrong reasons… One pensioner found himself feeling ill on board his cruise vacation. He fell so ill, in fact, that he lost his dentures in the process of vomiting over the side of the ship. Although this may have limited his enjoyment of all the wonderful food on board – luckily he filed a successful travel insurance claim in order to replace his missing teeth.

There’s s-no-w snow in sight…

For those sporty travellers, the highlight of your calendar is probably your annual ski trip in Winter. But could you imagine the horror of arriving to your ski resort to find no snow? One lady from the UK succeeded in her travel insurance claim after she arrived to her ski resort to find that there was no snow to be seen. To make things worse, she had just purchased new skis before setting off on her journey… Ski season ruined!

Manchester(s) United

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Manchester for a football match or just a city break, be careful to ensure you’ve chosen the right Manchester… One man accidentally booked his flight from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA instead of the UK! He continued attempting to board the plane until he discovered that he was in the wrong continent for his flight… Oh dear! Sadly, his travel insurance claim was denied.

Lousy Landing

A family camping in the Welsh countryside were suddenly interrupted by a parachutist who accidentally landed on their tent… In the process, he destroyed the tent and all of the family’s camping equipment. Needless to say, the parents had not anticipated this happening, and so had not taken out cover for accidental damage. Better to be safe than sorry – lesson learned!

(Don’t) Burn Baby Burn!

Paris, the city of love. romance, the Eiffel Tower, endless glasses of exquisite wine – what more could you want? Maybe some, emm… bugs? Although Paris is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, some hotels still fail to meet the mark in terms of hygiene. One couple found themselves attacked by bedbugs in their Parisian hotel, and subsequently decided to burn all of their clothes upon returning home. They filed a claim for their wardrobes to be replaced but the request was denied. Note to self: Make sure you know in advance what your travel insurance policy covers!

Worth a shot…

Did you know there have been more Rolex Oyster watches claimed as being lost abroad while travelling than have actually been made? Seems like there are a lot of people out there hoping to “get lucky” with their false claims! But don’t get too smug yet – without a proof of purchase, these claims are quite unlikely to be accepted.

Moral of the story: Ensure that you have the best travel insurance policy for you, and that you know exactly what you are covered for before you jet off!

If you do ever find yourself in urgent need of assistance abroad, most insurers provide a 24-hour contact number for you to call. Find out more details on dealing with emergencies while travelling here.

If you need to make a travel insurance claim, follow these essential steps:

  1. Refer to your policy details,
  2. Find out what your policy excess is,
  3. Keep all receipts and reports safe as these may later be required to backup your claim,
  4. Contact the police if necessary (dial 112 from anywhere in Europe or 911 from America), and
  5. Contact your insurer’s claims department to get a claims form if you do not already have one.

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