Quick Hacks to Find Cheap Flight ticket by Tricking Your Browser

cheap flight hacks

Going away for the summer and just can’t seem to find the cheap flight deal for you?

Well, how about checking out this quick hacks to trick your browser and find the cheap flight deal.

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It’s safe and not at all complicated.

Just follow the instruction below!

Tricking Your browser (VPN)

You’re going to need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for this hack.

What’s that (you might be asking)? A VPN allows you to create a secure and encrypted connection between yourself and the internet.

This type of connection provides privacy and anonymity on the web.

A VPN can be used to protect you while engaging in any online activity, i.e. sending an email, paying bills or in this case, searching for cheap flights.

This step is required to hide your IP address and location.

how to find cheap flights

Tricking Your Browser (Private Browsing Mode)

Another option would be to use private browsing mode; which can be accessed on any web browser and most devices.

A private browser window is useful when you would like to prevent websites from increasing prices as you do your research.

Private browsing mode of internet use allows you to surf the web without storing your data, history or cookies.

Cookies may be kept whilst you browse but are discarded when you close your browser.

You can access a private browser window on whichever device you use by following the steps listed below:


To turn private browsing mode on in Safari (13.0) you can use the shortcut Command + Shift + N or, go to ‘File’ and then ‘New Private Window’.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome incognito window can be opened using the same shortcut (CTRL + Shift + N) or alternatively you can click menu in the top right corner followed by New Incognito Window.

Internet Explorer

Lastly, Internet Explorer is a little different. To launch Microsoft’s InPrivate Browsing you can use shortcut CTRL + Shift + P or, go to Setting, Safety and then InPrivate Browsing.

Picking a VPN

Many VPN’s are easily accessible, mostly being free and easy to download.

However, while it might be tempting to sprint towards anything with the words free in it, experts recommend avoiding VPN’s that are free.

Services like this tend to have the right to sell your data to third parties (which kind of contradicts the whole purpose don’t you think?).

Instead of free VPN providers, look into providers that respect your privacy, have servers within your preferred locations (necessary, and you’ll see why later), and run on the most current protocol.

Even when you are paying for a VPN software, it is still essential to make sure to read the terms of use!

Some of the best paid VPN services for bypassing geo-restrictions include; NordVPN, ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

These VPNs are safe and will allow you to use their services to save money on flights. There are of course many VPN providers, you just have to search and see which one will provide the best service to you.

For a more comprehensive list please follow the link provided.

Using a VPN

So, you’ve picked your VPN and you’re ready to dupe your browser and impress the IT staff at your workplace.

Launch your VPN software from whatever device you have decided to use it on.

Follow their easy to understand prompts and instructions. Please create an account and sign into it.

At this point, the software may open a new window.

Then lastly and finally run the VPN.

Saving on Your Airfare

The way saving works with VPN software’s is based entirely on location and VPNs ability to get around geo-restrictions.

Masking and changing your location will allow you to access airlines and flights from any location outside the EU.

This will help access the preferred areas (as mentioned earlier) that offer cheaper flights.

Go to your preferred flight site or wherever it is you get your tickets online and input the destination country for your server. For example, if you’re flying from Ireland to the US, choose the United States for the VPN server.


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Please do share your fav hack to get the cheap flight tickets in comments. 


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