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Why Buy Multi Trip or Annual Travel Insurance

As the holiday season is already on, you might wonder what type of travel insurance policy you need to have. There are different types of travel insurance policies such as single trip travel insurance,multi trip travel insurance also known as annual trip travel insurance or backpacker travel insurance. The number of Irish people taking trips abroad jumped significantly in 2015 and 2016. The UK is still a favourite destination amongst Irish travelers followed closely by Spain. With this increase in the number of people taking to the skies, there has also been a rise in the number of travelers looking for cheap travel insurance in Ireland. Annual travel insurance policies can be purchased cheaply and they really are great value.

If you are aged under 65 with no medical conditions you are likely to avail of the best rates on the market. Travel Insurance companies do charge extra for persons over 65 or those with pre-existing medical conditions as they pose a higher risk.

If you take more than two trips abroad per year you are likely to save money by opting for the annual travel insurance policy instead of the single trip travel insurance policy. There are also additional discounts if you choose a couples or a family travel insurance policy.

A couple’s policy will generally require that you and your partner are living at the same address in Ireland for at least six months. It will however cover you to travel independently from each other.

Many family travel insurance policies offer free cover for children. There may be restrictions if children choose to travel independently from you, so this is something to watch out for. If children are traveling independently from their parents, they may require their own separate travel insurance policy. Buying a separate travel insurance policy for your child will not invalidate your family policy. There is no limit on the number of children you can add to your policy and if a have a baby mid policy it’s very simple to add them on.

If any person on the travel insurance policy suffers from a pre-existing medical condition, it is best to mention this at the time of taking out the policy. If a claim were to arise because of an undeclared medical condition it is likely that the claim would be declined due to non-disclose, so it is best not to take the risk. Some companies may ask you to fill out a questionnaire online while others will ask you to call separate medical screening line and answer a series of questions.

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