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How to Beat Post-Travel Depression

If you have been on holiday recently and find yourself back at work suffering from the post vacation depression, it is possible to combat symptoms of post-holiday depression and fatigue.

After enjoying a trip abroad or some time off from work, it is common for people to find themselves feeling quite drained and oppressed. Particularly in January, people tend to feel more down due to the short Winter days and the post-Christmas financial strain. This can all quickly accumulate into feelings of depression when we go back to work after holidays.

If you too are experiencing post-vacation depression syndrome, check out our top tips below.

Tips To Combat Post Vacation Depression


1. Focus on rest and nutrition

If you are facing jet lag, it is a good idea to try and switch your body clock to that of your final destination as soon as you can. Try to sleep for most of your flight back home and then focus on hitting 8 full hours of sleep a night as soon as you return home even if your body feels out of sync.

When we are busy exploring a new city, we can often walk much more than a regular day at home, particularly if our jobs are sedentary by nature. Try to compensate for all the extra movement by getting some extra sleep each night and a lie-in at the weekend if possible.

Post Vacation depression

It may seem like extra caffeine is the quick and easy solution, but the power of good rest and real nutrition is far superior. Focus on getting a balanced diet back on track with plenty of fruit and vegetables to naturally fuel the body and aid the recovery process.

If you suffered from any illness while abroad, you may be struggling with a loss of appetite post-vacation. Try to settle back into your normal dietary routine while drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. If the symptoms persist, visit your GP.

2. Get active

 After a period of travelling, you may have discovered that your fitness was not up to scratch if you found yourself out of breath while walking or unable to keep up with your travel activities. By taking up a new sport you may have tried while on holiday or by joining a gym, you can ensure that you’ll be in better shape to enjoy your next holiday away and also shake off any feelings of post-holiday blues.

Post Vacation depression

Exercise is the best way to combat feelings of depression as it releases serotonin and endorphins and increases growth hormone in our bodies which contribute to good positive mental health. Find whatever type of activity that you enjoy and aim to exercise for at least 3 30-minute sessions per week, building this up slightly over time to fight off any post-travel depression symptoms.

3. Explore your own country more

 Unfortunately, we often find ourselves living somewhere that we have barely explored. We find ourselves playing the tourist role well while abroad but fail to do so sufficiently in our own countries. By enjoying our own country to the fullest, we can ensure that every week includes a mini-holiday!

Ireland is a beautiful country offering endless sights of natural beauty nationwide (even if the weather is not always perfect). Nearly all of these destinations are free, or include just a small entrance fee. Day trips are cheaper than you think, and can be made even cheaper by bringing a packed lunch and bottled water with you on your journey.

Post Vacation Depression

If you don’t own a car, most of the best sights can be easily reached via public transport from Dublin. Better still, if you do have your own car, make the most of your days off work and get exploring! The AA Route Planner tool offers excellent and reliable instructions for getting to any destination of your choice around Ireland.

Here are our top picks for day trip destinations in Ireland:

  1. Cliffs of Moher
  2. Blarney Castle
  3. Glendalough
  4. Giant’s Causeway
  5. Killarney National Park
  6. Skellig Michael
  7. Hook Peninsula
  8. The Burren
  9. Fota Wildlife Park
  10. Titanic Belfast

 4. Commit yourself to a challenge

 Whether you have goals of running a marathon, buying a car or travelling more this year, by setting at least one big goal for the coming months, you can motivate yourself when suffering from post-vacation depression.

Post Vacation Depression

While travelling, it is easy to feel constantly inspired as we explore unknown environments and new cultures. However after we return home, falling back into the 9-5 routine can quickly become quite uninspiring. To combat this, we can open ourselves to new things like learning how to cook new foods, studying a new language, picking up a new musical instrument, or any sort of new hobby.

Setting ourselves new challenges keeps us motivated and moving towards our goals. If you find yourself feeling depressed after vacation, think of what has inspired you over the past year when travelling and think of how you can incorporate this into your daily life or your weekly routine.

5. Get inspired for your next vacation

Although your budget may be tight for the next while after Christmas, it is never too early to start planning for your next holiday. Inspire yourself with travel blogs such as Audley, Nomadic Matt and Adventurous Kate for ideas.

Post Vacation depression

You could even write a “to visit” list to motivate you to save up for your next holiday. Living in Europe, we have the pleasure of many cheap flight deals which can make your next trip away extremely low cost and sooner than you think. Make the most of weekends off work or any 2-3 day period you have off and search Skyscanner to see what bargains are available.

If you experienced any problems while abroad and weren’t covered by travel insurance, now is the time to explore the many benefits of having travel cover for your next trip. can help you in this task by searching for the best policies and prices on the market.

6. Stay positive

Even when suffering from post-travel depression, we can gain many benefits in the recovery process by learning how to enjoy our lives more and follow our passions. If you find what you truly love while on vacation and simply cannot cope with returning to your old lifestyle, now is the time to take action and make a positive change.

Post Vacation depression

Post-vacation depression can motivate us to learn more, explore more, and push ourselves more. It motivates us to save up in order to travel again, and can lead us to re-evaluating our lives and appreciate more of the things we normally took for granted.

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