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Worldwide car rental excess insurance all over the World

Most companies will be happy to offer cover in most counties throughout the world with the exception of war-torn countries or countries under communist rule. If you are travelling to or even through a country that you feel might fit this description, it is always best to check with your provider. Some of the commonly excluded countries include Afghanistan, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

Many companies offer different rates for European, USA/Canada and Worldwide policies. If you are unsure as to whether the country you plan to travel to falls under a European or Worldwide policy, the answer can usually be found in the policy wording or on the company website.

Worldwide car rental insurance is the best option to choose if you regularly travel both in and outside Europe, as it will cover both and you will not need to take out two separate policies.