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Daily rate car rental excess insurance is the perfect option for the infrequent traveller or holiday maker. Daily rate insurance provides cover for the specific length of your rental without the need to commit to an annual policy. If in the event you need to extend your rental period due to unforeseen circumstances, most companies are more than happy to facilitate your request provided your original rental agreement is still in force.

Daily car rental excess insurance cover is very easy to obtain and most policies can be purchased in less than two minutes. You simply need to enter the time and date you intend to pick up and drop off the rental vehicle, some personal details and you’re ready to go. Most companies also have a customer service team on hand to answer any questions you may have or to book the policy on your behalf. Be sure to purchase your car rental excess cover before your sign your rental agreement as this is a standard requirement of most policies.

Once you purchase your car rental excess insurance over the phone or online, your chosen company will usually email you with your certificate of cover and policy documents. You may wish to print these off and have them to hand if you need to make a claim.

When you arrive at the rental desk, the representative may try and sell you another car rental excess insurance policy. Some renters are known to use hard-sell tactics to try and force their products on renters. They may tell you that the product you have bought is insufficient or that they don’t accept the policy. Please stick to your guns and politely decline their cover. It is not their decision to accept or decline a third-party policy.