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What are the typical exclusions on a car hire excess insurance policy?

The exclusions on a car hire excess policy can vary from one policy to the next, so always make sure to check with your individual provider. Some of the typical car hire excess insurance exclusions to look out for are as follows:

  1. Age: Most policies will only cover persons aged 21-84;
  2. Type of Vehicle: Standard car hire excess insurance policies will not cover commercial vehicles, vehicles with more than 9 seats, exotic vehicles, vehicles valued at over €70,000, motorbikes, caravans or motorhomes. If you plan to hire a non-standard vehicle, be sure to check that it is not excluded before you purchase the policy;
  3. Tyres: Such as cover for a puncture or blow out;
  4. Residency: Only available to residents of certain countries;
  5. Time Restrictions: There may be a time limit on how long you can rent the vehicle for. Most annual policies allow rentals of either 31 or 60 days. Single trip policies can vary a little more with some offering up to 6 months’ cover;
  6. Type of Rental: : There are often restrictions relating to car sharing schemes e.g. Zip;
  7. Breakdown: Mechanical breakdown is often excluded or can be added on as a chargeable extra;
  8. In-Country Coverage:Policies can restrict the use of a rental vehicle in your country of residence or only allow rentals that are a particular distance from your home;
  9. Type of Use: You cannot drive the vehicle off-road if you do not have the appropriate licence or if you are under the influence of drink or drugs.