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What type of damage will a car hire excess insurance Policy cover?

The type of damage covered on car hire excess insurance can change from policy to policy, so it is important that you always read the terms and conditions. While people often find the terms and conditions to be boring and monotonous, it can be really beneficial to read them.

The type of car hire excess insurance cover to look out for would be a policy that covers damage to the:

  1. Windows, including the windscreen: Cover for damage caused by vandalism or even a stone chip;
  2. Undercarriage: Cover for damage caused by driving on unsuitable terrain;
  3. Tyres: Cover for a puncture or blow out;
  4. Keys / Locks: We are all capable of losing or misplacing our keys;
  5. Headlights: Cover for damage caused by a stone;
  6. Roof: In Iceland, many people report damage to the roofs of their rental vehicles due to fallen volcanic ash;
  7. Car caused by volcanic ash: As stated above, this is most prevalent in Iceland;
  8. Car caused by an accident, fire, theft or vandalism.

If you have a specific question such as whether you can be covered to drive off road it is always best to call your company to make sure. They are many companies that specialise in car hire excess insurance policies and they are trained to answer any questions that you many have on the cover.