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Single Trip Travel Insurance Ireland

A Single Trip Travel Insurance policy is intended for a once off holiday or trip and you will usually be covered for cancellation from the day you purchase the trip. If you will be only taking one trip in a year then this is usually the best option for you and with additional covers like cruise it is ideal for cruise holidays if you are looking for a Travel Insurance policy to include cruise cover.

A Single Trip Travel Insurance will not always be the cheapest Travel Insurance cover for you so it is always good to Compare quotes with an Annual Travel Insurance policy as the annual option may be the more competitive option for you. At UCompare.ie, we allow you compare Single Trip Travel Insurance quotes and Annual Travel Insurance quotes under the one search to ensure you get the cheapest Travel Insurance option to suit your needs. 

What does single trip travel insurance cover?

Single Trip Travel Insurance policy will cover you for combination of uncertain events, this can include: injury & illness, holiday cancellation, missed departure, public liability, loss of baggage, theft of holiday money & possessions, emergency repatriation and much more.

Most of the single trip insurance policies give you access to a 24 hour emergency telephone number to ensure the claim is resolved as quickly as possible.

What does Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance cover?

The level of cover you get on you Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy vary from one insurer to other but the basic cover included in all the policies are, Medical cover, cancellation cover, loss of baggage, schedule airline failure, personal liability and emergency repatriation cover etc. Apart from the basic cover, Travel Insurance companies have additional covers you can add on to your Travel Insurance policy by paying extra premium. Due to recent natural disasters, most popular additional cover is travel disruption cover and volcanic ash cover.

Annual multi trip is designed to cover frequent travellers because it's cheaper to buy one multi trip policy instead of few single trip insurance policies. There is no limit on the number of trips you take in 12 months period as long as you return within the maximum duration allowed for one trip in your policy wordings. Travel Insurance companies have restriction on maximum duration allowed for one trip and if you want to travel longer than this limit you have to contact your Travel Insurance provider to seek advice.

Medical condition, age limit and adventure sports

If you are undergoing test or treatments for a medical condition you will have to read the terms and condition very carefully as you might need to declare pre-existing medical condition before you travel. Same way if you have a private medical insurance, you might get discount on you Travel Insurance policy.

It is also worth noting that some companies have an upper age restriction on their Travel Insurance policies so this should be cleared before booking the policy.

If you are planning to get involved in exciting activities such as bungee jumping, climbing, sky diving etc. you should always check the level of cover you have on place for such hazardous activities as you may get injured while partaking in such activities and the cost of medical treatment is very high in different countries. These activities may not be covered under the standard terms and conditions of the policy and you might need to pay extra premium to cover them on you standard Travel Insurance policy.

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