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Single trip covers you one trip from the time you leave Ireland until you return including travelling to multiple countries.

Annual multi-trip covers you for an unlimited number of trips for a specified duration within one year.

Backpacker will cover you for between 3 and 24 months and include travel to multiple destinations. This cover is also known as ‘long stay’ or ‘extended stay’.

Single Trip

Policies will normally exclude cover if you are travelling to an area or country where the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel. For advice on countries not to travel to and for more information prior to travel, visit


(incl. US/Canada/
(excl. US/Canada/
New Zealand

Annual multi-trip: cover will commence on the specified start date. If you choose to include cancellation cover, it will begin on the policy start date you have selected and not the date you buy your insurance.

Single trip and backpacker: cover will commence on the day you incept the insurance if you choose to include cancellation cover.

Who is covered?

Individual: this is to cover Individual travellers travelling alone or together.

Couple: this will usually cover 2 adults residing at the same address.

Family: usually two adults and a specified number children under the age of 18 who live at the same address. This also includes single parent families.

Definitions may vary from insurer.


Winter sports: an additional cover required if you are going on a trip that will involve you skiing or snowboarding etc. This may also include cover for off-piste skiing and for your equipment.

Cruise cover: these policies include cover for cruises and may include extras such as missed port departure and cabin confinement.

Business Trip: these policies are tailored for the business traveler and may include additional cover for mobile phones, laptops or other items used in support of your business.

Always read the policy wording carefully as it may include specific conditions and exclusions. Please ensure that your insurance provider will cover you for all destinations on your cruise.

Winter Sports
Business trip

Private Heath Insurance

Insurers will usually offer a discount and cover some pre-existing conditions automatically if all the insured persons hold an eligible Private Health Insurance policy that covers in-patient medical treatment abroad of at least €55,000 per person per claim. The policies will usually re-quire you to claim from your PHI provider in the first instance if you receive medical treatment abroad with the Travel Insurance benefits offering a top up if you exceed the limit of your PHI.

Please refer to the insurer’s policy documents for full terms and conditions.

What is a medical condition?

An illness or injury for which you have taken medication or been given treatment.

This also includes conditions from which you have suffered symptoms, but not yet had a diagnosis and ongoing medical conditions. Policies may exclude any claims relating to being on a waiting list to receive a diagnosis or treatment or a terminal illness. This may also extend to non-travelling family members.


This policy is only available to you if you have been permanently resident in Ireland for the past six months.

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Travel Insurance Ireland

Travelling brings you the most wonderful memories to cherish forever. But sometimes things may always not go according to the plan. Lost luggage at the airport, flight cancellations, flight delays, natural disaster or a medical emergency can seriously hamper your travel plans.

Unfortunately, you don’t have control over these uncalled mishappenings. But what’s in your control is to buy a right travel insurance policy which provides you the right cover you need.

Compare Travel Insurance

Choosing the best travel insurance policy can be a painful process, specially when you have to browse through a lot of websites to find and compare travel insurance that fits your budget & gives you the perfect cover.

At, we make sure you enjoy your holidays without any hassle. Our travel insurance comparison tool does all the hard work for you and helps you to find cheap travel insurance in Ireland.

Whether it’s the annual travel insurance, single trip travel insurance, backpacker travel insurance, or global travel insurance simply fill in our form & get multiple quotes to compare & choose the best travel insurance policy.

Types of Travel Insurance

Are you planning the holiday of a lifetime around the world or even a ski trip closer to home? Then be sure to remember your comprehensive travel insurance policy, there to give you the peace of mind that if anything goes astray from your plan.

You will still be safe and sound- more and more people are learning about travel insurance in Ireland, and answering some of the most common questions making it a must-have for any holiday.

What is Annual trip Travel Insurance

Our annual trip holiday insurance policies cover avid travelers for a full 12-month period. You can select from various geographical locations, including Europe, the US, Australia, or even worldwide.

An annual trip travel insurance policy covers you for all trips made within the year, so you never need to worry about any last-minute panic to arrange travel insurance.

If you are a frequent flyer, it will often be much better value than individual policies for each trip.

What is Single trip Travel Insurance

We also offer a huge range of comprehensive single trip travel insurance options. If you don’t travel as frequently, the single trip option can save you a lot of money and stress if anything doesn’t go to plan.

This travel insurance type offers advantages, including the policy being tailor-made and designed especially for your trip abroad.

We offer a large range of add-on options for whatever you may need.

What is Backpacker Travel Insurance

If you are travelling for an extended period of time, our backpacker travel insurance options have you covered.

It is the most popular option for those jetting off to travel the world and is essential if you will be away from home for more than 3 months.

Our Backpacker travel insurance policy options can cover you for up to 2 years, so no matter how long you will be away for, make sure to get a quote today.

Benefits of Travel Insurance with Ucompare

Our travel insurance options come with a range of benefits to give you the best cover possible. These include delayed or lost baggage cover, trip cancellation cover, winter sports cover, and car hire excess cover.

Many benefits come as a standard with your policy. For any extras, you might require you can select various add-ons, so be sure to know what you are looking for with the help of our easy to understand comparison tool.

With the range of benefits on offer, you can select the perfect travel insurance policy tailored to your precise needs.

With some help from Ucompare, finding the best deal on your travel insurance is quick and easy with our easy and stress-free comparison tool, there hasn’t been a better time to choose your next policy.

Hope this will help you find the best travel Insurance in Ireland