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Holiday Insurance is a short-term insurance specifically available to cover health and travel related emergencies and expenses. Most travellers will avail of this prior to making any trips abroad.

Holiday Insurance in Ireland needs to be purchased prior to commencing your trip; if you wait until you reach your destination and then try to purchase the insurance, most likely you won’t be able to.

Holiday Insurance in Ireland can cover a broad range of benefits, some of which may not be applicable to you. The most common benefits that people look out for are Emergency Medical Expenses, Cancellation and Baggage cover. It is also important to ensure that the excess is not too high as you want to avoid getting a nasty surprise if you try to make a claim.

Most travellers in Ireland will avail of Holiday Insurance prior to travelling, as we have all heard of someone who has run into difficulty abroad at one point or another.

If you prefer to book your holidays with your trusted travel agent, it is worth noting that you can make significant savings on your Holiday Insurance if you tell the agent that you can organise that aspect of the package yourself. This is especially true for older travellers, who generally face a much higher premium than their younger counterparts.

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