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10 Quick Tips for Smartphone Care

10 Quick Tips for Smartphone Care

Do you know how to care for your smartphone properly? We tend to spend quite a lot of money on our smartphones and they are our most critical possession. Yet, we often don’t know how to look after them properly to order to get the most value from them. With a little bit of smartphone care, you can ensure that your new iPhone or Android phone stays in great condition for as long as possible

Here are our top 10 tips for smartphone care:

  1. Keep your phone fully charged

smartphone care

You might think that overcharging your phone could be more harmful. But in reality, it is much better for your phone to be kept as close to 100% as possible at all times. When using your phone, you will notice that it works more sharply and smoothly when kept fully charged. In contrast, phones that drop below 50% battery may die unexpectedly due to a battery flaw.

Maximise your phone’s battery life by keeping it well charged.

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures

Your smartphone is designed to perform well in a wide range of temperatures. The optimal comfort zone is around 16°C to 22°C, but they often function well quite a bit below and above this range.

However, the risk of your phone overheating over 35°C is quite serious. Such temperatures can permanently damage your battery capacity. In contrast, your battery will die quickly in cold conditions, but once the phone returns to a normal temperature its performance will return to normal.

In general, a cooler storage temperature can help to promote a longer battery lifespan. If your phone is at risk of overheating, it is better to switch it off until you can cool the phone down indoors.

  1. Protect your smartphone with a strong case

smartphone care

Smartphones are delicate items. One drop on the floor could lead to the screen smashing severely…

Investing in a good quality phone cover is a must. We recommend the Otterbox phone cases which are very sturdy and strong. Although they can cost €25 to €45, they are sure to save you long-term from expensive screen repair costs.

Check out their stylish range of iPhone cases and Samsung cases here.

  1. Close unused apps

Smartphones aren’t like desktop computers. They have much less processing power, and therefore they often slow down when several apps are open at once.

If you notice this happening, it is beneficial to close all apps that are open in the background. To remove strain on your phone’s processor, try to only keep apps that you are currently using open.

Another idea would be to install a background task killer application, such as Smart Manager. These apps work like task manager on a desktop, and will shut down any background processes that freeze or are slowing down your phone.

  1. Keep the screen and audio outputs clean

If your screen is in need of a clean, use a soft dry wipe such as that of a glasses cleaner. Never use water to clean your phone, however, as water damage is quite serious and can cause internal damage.

iPhone tip: At the bottom of the iPhone, there’s a speaker on the left and a mic on the right. If you can’t hear anything from your phone or if the sound quality has deteriorated, try using a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean out the audio holes. You could also try using an old toothbrush to scrape off any debris that may have gathered.

  1. Use memory management software

If your memory is constantly filling up, you may benefit from installing a memory management software application. These apps can be free or purchased cheaply from your app store, and can save you the hassle of deleting other apps or phone content.

These apps work by restoring any memory that has been lost by damage to the phone’s hard drive. They remove unnecessary data that means your iPhone or Android can run faster. They are a great way of freeing up some extra memory for more photos or music!

  1. Disable app notifications that you don’t need

Application notifications don’t just drain your battery severely. They can also become quite annoying and distract you from whatever you are trying to do.

It is a good idea to switch off all the non-urgent notifications. For example, you don’t really need to know straight away that someone else has liked your phone on Instagram or you’ve received another spam email…. Try turning all of these app notifications off and see how much time you can save for productivity!

  1. Password protection

smartphone care

Using a password to protect your smartphone is a security essential. Most of us remain signed into our social media applications, so having your passcode to keep all of your data safe is hugely important.

If your phone falls into the wrong hands, it will be much harder for the thief to hack into your sensitive information. With how common iPhone thefts can be nowadays, it would be silly to not use a password.

Be sure to avoid the usual passwords such as your date of birth or 1234… choose random numbers and don’t share them with anyone. With your iPhone, you can also extend your password length to 6 digits long which is another good safety feature to use.

  1. Anti-virus software

Detecting viruses and damaging malware has become almost automatic on personal computers, but it’s still a lot trickier on mobile devices. It can potentially be even more dangerous to have such viruses on your smartphone, considering how much personal data we store on them.

To be on the safe side, be sure to download an anti-virus application such as AVL or AVAST Mobile Security if you have an Android phone. Luckily, iPhone users are generally protected from the risk of a virus.

  1. Insurance

smartphone care


Last but not least, purchasing gadget insurance is possibly the most important step in caring for your smartphone. The cost of iPhone repair or Android repair can be extortionate

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps

Are you in need of some new iPhone apps to spice up your morning commute or to help with your daily efficiency levels? You may even be searching for something to help you achieve your fitness goals or to help you relax in the evening. Whatever you desire, there is an application out there to help you .

Especially if you recently purchased an iPhone, you may be unsure of the most useful new apps to download from the App Store. We are here to help!

Here are the must-have iPhone apps for 2018:

iPhone Apps


Best Free iPhone Apps

1. Headspace – Free

Headspace is a popular mindfulness app and definitely one of the best iPhone apps in general. It allows users to have 5 to 10 minute short meditation sessions at any time of the day. It is extremely effective for helping users to unwind after a stressful day and for promoting positive mental health. Sit back, relax and simply breathe while listening to a calm soothing voice guiding you through your meditation. This is a great choice for meditation beginners, making mindfulness approachable and enjoyable.

To add the popularity of Headspace, the creators have just announced a partnership with the Nike Run Club app which allows joggers to meditate while they train. Find out more here!

2. Calm – Free

Calm won the award for 2017 App of the Year from Apple, and was deemed to be the “Happiest app in the world”. It is similar to Headspace in that it is a mindfulness and meditation app, but it is different in that it offers longer sessions of sleep stories and breathing programs accompanied by relaxing music. Calm covers a range of emotions and topics including gratitude, deep sleep and breaking habits. If you haven’t used this app yet you simply have to download it today and see what positive changes it can help you achieve!

3. Snapguide – Free

Not to be confused with Snapchat, Snapguide is definitely the best free iPhone app of 2018. It provides short videos on everything from workouts to recipes. With Snapguide you can access a range of instructional videos on pretty much anything, helping you in particular with DIY and creative projects. It also offers a range of fantastic life hacks that we could all benefit from! Make life a little bit easier with some help from Snapguide.

4. Houseparty- Free

Houseparty is definitely one of the best free iOS apps. It allows you to have a video group chat with lots of friends simultaneously. This is a great easy to use way of keeping in touch with friends around the world and while on the go. Video chatting is definitely a better way of communicating with all your friends together than by texting. It is also easier to use than arranging a Skype group chat, and allows for easier access and everyone can join the call with their iPhone wherever they are.

5.Duolingo – Free

Duolingo is definitely one of the most amazing apps for education. It allows users to start learning a new language from scratch or resume learning a language previously studied. It is completely free to use and is as effective as many paid language learning tools available today. Many users have successfully mastered more than 1 language after using this app for an extended amount of time, and you can too in a fun and easy to manage way. Duolingo is one of the most fun and useful apps for iPhone.

Best Paid iPhone Apps

1. Get Running – €3.49

Especially now that the weather is finally starting to pick up, there is no better time to start preparing for your first 5k run! With Get Running, you receive human-like coaching that records your progress while providing encouragement along the way. It encourages you to start off at training just 3 short sessions per week, but will have you running a 5k race with ease within weeks. Get Running is certain to be one of the best apps for iPhone 2018.

2. Sleep Cycle Power Nap – €2.29

Sleep Cycle is essentially the ultimate alarm clock. Instead of selecting a time to be woken up at, you select a time frame (Say, between 7:00am and 8:00am). You then place the phone on your bed and go to sleep. The app measures your sleep cycle, analyzing how well you rested and when you hit R.E.M. sleep. It will then sound the alarm when you’re ready to be woken up naturally.

Their new Power Nap version of the app is a fantastic addition designed specifically for all of your napping needs! Recent research has also shown that a 20-minute nap is more efficient in re-energising you than a cup of coffee… So catch those z’s!

3. Pocket Yoga – €3.49

With Pocket Yoga, select between 27 different yoga sessions all varying in difficulty and duration. There is also a pose dictionary with detailed explanations for each posture. There is also a features “Pose of the Day” to expand your yoga repertoire each day. Pocket Yoga is definitely one of the best iOS apps allowing people of all levels to develop a passion for yoga and experience all of the many benefits. Bring your own personal yoga instructor with you everywhere you go with Pocket Yoga.

4. Jamie’s Ultimate Recipes – €7.99

Potentially one of the most popular apps ever for recipes! In Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Recipes guide, he’s packed in over 600 of his all-time greatest recipes with easy to follow instructions through vibrant photographs at every stage. There is a recipe for every occasion and also special bakes for festive occasions too. €7.99 is well worth the investment for this beautiful recipe collection guide.

5. Forest – Stay focused – €2.29

This new app is storming up the App Store charts due to its booming popularity. It is essentially a productivity app that plants virtual trees while you work, helping you to keep focused while working on an assignment or studying. If you fail to resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app, the tree with wither. It is a great app for students to motivate them to stay focused away from their phone. It also adds an element of mindfulness to the process by encouraging users to be present and stay motivated for their goals. It could be on track to be one of the best iPhone apps ever.


Top 10 Gadgets for Students

Top 10 Gadgets for Students

Heading off to college for the first time this year? You may be unsure of how to equip yourself appropriately with all the best gadgets for students. In school, we are burdened with lots of heavy textbooks and paper. Thankfully in college, we can rely far more on technology to get us through our studies, with less load on our backs!

If you yourself are a student or if you have a family member heading off to university this year, check out our must have gadgets for college students below to get started on the right foot. These gadgets would also make excellent electronic gifts for students if you are searching for that perfect present!

Here are our top 10 best gadgets for students:


  1. Ankle PowerCore 20100 Ultra Capacity Power Bank

gadgets for students

This on-the-go charger is the most essential of gadgets. The importance of having a portable charger on you at all times cannot be underestimated! College days can be very long and it’s difficult to prevent our phones from dying before the day has ended. The Ankle PowerCore 20100 Ultra Capacity Power Bank comes to the rescue. It can charge the iPhone 7 fully seven times, the Samsung Galaxy S6 five times, or the iPad mini 4 twice. It is the perfect portable solution for powering your mobile phone and tablet, making it one of the best gadgets for students.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite


gadget for students

The Kindle Paperwhite Ereader spares you from carrying around heavy books. With one single charge, it can keep going for up to 6 weeks with daily usage. It is the perfect solution for reading books on your daily commute or in between classes. For bookworms, it offers further price savings as books cost much less in their electronic format. This all makes the Kindle Paperwhite one of the very best gadgets for college students both for educational purposes and for downtime.

  1. Apple AirPods


Gadgets For Students

Wireless headphones are the new trend when it comes to listening to music. With no more wire knots to worry about, these headphones offer high-quality sound in a light and versatile fashion. Apple AirPods are great for the gym too and make it a lot easier to run on the treadmill without wires getting in the way. Studies have also shown that listening to music increases brain activity and helps you concentrate to get through those assignments… so get grooving!

  1. HP ENVY 13.3”/17.3”

Gadgets For Students

With two different sizing options, the HP ENVY is a very sleek laptop and definitely one of the coolest tech gadgets for college students. It features powerful Intel processors, ultra-HD clarity, and a smooth aluminium finish. Despite its thin and light appearance, it is one of the most powerful student-aimed laptops. Opt for the larger version for a better gaming or movie experience.

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 320S 15.6”

Gadgets For Students

This laptop was designed especially for students, with an affordable price and a design focused on productivity. This updated version of the IdeaPad is definitely one of the most practical and cool gadgets for college students. The slightly curved keyboard pads result in a nearly totally silent typing experience. The 15.6-inch display is big enough for multitasking and the high-quality resolution makes it great for both work and entertainment.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro

Gadgets for students

Lightweight and multifunctional, the Microsoft Surface range offers some of the best tech for college students. The newest Surface Pro offers students versatility as it can be used as either a touchscreen tablet or as a laptop. This flexibility solves the issue of deciding between a laptop or tablet for college. Why have one when you can have both?

  1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2

Gadgets For Students

With a wireless laptop mouse, you can increase your work efficiency instead of using the touchpad. It can be used in 3 ways: via Bluetooth, USB, or the included Logitech Unifying Receiver for wireless usage. This portable mouse lasts up to 70 days on one single charge. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery that powers up when plugged into your laptop’s USB port. It is perfect for carrying with you on-the-go and is also great for playing games on your laptop.

  1. UE Wonderboom Speakers


Gadgets For Students

Every student knows how important the party scene is in college! Be prepared for all the late-night activities with one of the coolest dorm room gadgets: the UE Wonderboom portable speakers. These speakers offer amazing bass sound quality and are even waterproof. They are cheaper than a lot of other Bluetooth speakers for the quality and power that they offer. The perfect gadget for student parties.

  1. Fitbit Watch


Gadgets For Students

College is not traditionally known for being the healthiest period of our lives. From lots of nights out to food to cure the hangovers, it can unfortunately be a time when a lot of people put on extra weight and limit their fitness routines. With a Fitbit, you can easily keep an eye on your exercise levels to ensure you keep active and find that right balance amidst the madness.

There are so many different Fitbit watches available today. Check out this article to decide which one is best for you!

  1. Superdry Laptop Backpacks


Gadgets For StudentsGone are the days of needing to carry laptop cases separately to protect your computer. These are quite impractical as it’s much better to have your hands free for holding that desperately needed coffee instead! With a Superdry backpack, you can hold up to 17-inch sized laptops. Superdry’s stylish range of college backpacks are some of the best gadget bags out there, combining practicality with style. Investing in one of the best gadget backpacks will pay off in the long-term as they will stay in mint condition all throughout your studies. Check out their range of men’s and women’s backpacks to start the semester in style.

If all this talk about tech has you itching for more innovation, check out Time Magazine’s Best Gadgets of 2017 for more inspiration.

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