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Lost luggage, how to avoid it? What to do if this happen

Lost luggage, how to avoid it? What to do if this happen

When planning a trip with full attention, you make a list of all essential things. You fold them and somehow manage to fit everything in your suitcase, but sometimes when you reach your destination you may suffer setbacks and get a shocking news like: a lost luggage.


Nothing else ruins a holiday more than a lost luggage.

When your entire luggage fails to appear on the airport baggage carousel, you start experiencing many emotions at the same time: from surprise to stress and anger. Time passes but you don’t receive any information about your belongings and you start to get worried, till the point you admit that your things are somewhere else.


If this happens, you need to go to the information and complains desk of the airline with which you flew. Then you need to give the receipt for your luggage; then you will fill out a form called PIR (Property Irregularity Baggage) allowing you to make a claim with a bag tag. It’s very, important you do all this as soon as possible, because even though the deadline for claiming is between 7 and 10 days, depending on whether the flight is international or domestic, the truth is that the more time passes the more difficult it would be to locate and recover your belongings.


The maximum amount of compensation for lost and damaged luggage is the same: €19 per two pounds of baggage on domestic flights (max €568) and €28, 4 per two-pound baggage on international flights (max €1,136). In case of losing all checked luggage, the airline must cover its total value.


So now the question many people ask:


Is there a way to avoid this uncomfortable situation before traveling?


The answer is yes and we will give you some tips you can use to avoid setbacks during your trip concerning your belongings:


  • Try booking nonstop flight to your final destination, because the more connections you make at different airports, the higher the possibility for the airline to misplace your luggage becomes.


  • If booking a nonstop flight is not possible, the best way to fly is to have flight connections with several hours apart. This will decrease chance possibilities of losing suitcases.


  • Try using smarter tags that feature codes or microchips that people can use to locate lost belongings.


  • Check-in your luggage early, because airport workers need time to process and load the luggage onto planes. Therefore if you arrive late to your flight, there is a good chance your belongings won’t make it in time to the airplane.


  • Place your flight itinerary along with your contact information inside your luggage; we recommend doing this because sometimes luggage tags can easily fall or get torn during This way it will be easier for the airline to know the final destination of your luggage.


  • Take several photos of your luggage, this way if your belongings goes missing, the photo shall help the airline workers to locate it. Also, a photo of your baggage claim ticket and a photo of the inside can serve as evidence if needed.


  • The use of a luggage stickers is highly recommended, suitcases could be taken by another person by mistake at the airport carousel. Therefore it’s easier to recognize your bags if you give them a distinctive and unique look.


  • Remove any old tags from previous flights, this will prevent any confusion among the airport workers.


  • When you check your bags at the airline counter, make sure the person tagging your belongings attaches the correct destination


Lost Luggage


Even though the tips above can be helpful, we strongly recommend that after you book a trip you buy travel insurance. Today, many companies that offer travel assistance help clients in case of any setbacks. Without any doubt, one of the most common and uncomfortable travel inconvenience is when your bags end up missing.


Travel insurance coverage concerning lost luggage is different, depending if your bags are lost temporarily or permanently.


  • In case of a temporary loss of belongings, the insurance will reimburse the client with a small amount of money to so they can buy essential personal items, while the luggage is being located and recovered.


  • In case of a permanent loss of belongings, the insurance will reimburse the client for the value of the lost luggage and personal items inside it with a higher amount of money.


In some cases, some flight companies take days or even weeks to determine if your belongings are lost permanently and decide to pay you.


It’s important to mention, that even though travel insurance works better and faster in cases of lost luggage, every insurance policy has value limits that will differ depending on the plan you choose. (Buy directly with insurance company.)


  • Travel insurance baggage coverage is secondary, if another travel supplier is involved (airlines). If your belongings get lost during your trip and no other supplier is responsible, the secondary coverage becomes a primary one.


  • In case of lost luggage, every travel insurance company has a plan that defines a maximum payout and an individual item limit.


  • Also keep an eye on the fact that some travel insurance companies have a list of items that aren’t covered by any plan in case your belongings got lost.


  • Be sure to read and fully understand all coverage limits, exceptions and details before getting / buying any travel insurance.


Always keep in mind that traveling for pleasure or business is always an enriching experience, but sometimes it can be overshadowed by very annoying details.


Everything that has to do with airports, often requires great patience and in many cases makes you feel down. Therefore consider the advice and tips posted here before starting your trip and remember that the best way to avoid any setbacks during your holidays is to travel safe with insurance that will cover you at any time. Discover how can help you find the perfect luggage insurance.

Why you need to buy trip insurance now

Why you need to buy trip insurance now

Trip Insurance? The thing is that when you plan a trip, no one thinks that something might go wrong, but the reality is that everyone can suffer setbacks even on the most meticulously and organised vacation: cancelled flights, lost luggage, injuries, illness, booking problems, stolen belongings, among others.

That’s why instead of avoiding this reality, the best thing you can do is have a back-up plan. Travel insurance is a quick and effective way to protect you and your family, so you can relax and enjoy your well deserved vacations.

First you should know that most travel insurance is sold in packages, combining various categories of coverage. Therefore before making any decision, it is wise to go through them all, determining what you need and what you don’t, depending on where your vacation will be and how much time you will spend on your trip.

Most packages usually include:

  1. Full medical attention coverage.

  1. Emergency evacuation assist.

  1. Accidents, injuries or illness.

  1. Last-minute trip cancellation.

  1. Delayed or lost baggage insurance.

  1. Flight delay or cancellation insurance.

  1. Trip interruption coverage.

  1. Replacement of travel documents, belongings and money lost.

  1. Legal help or assistance.

  1. 24-hour customer service.

One common thought among people is that paying for travel insurance is a waste of money, especially after booking an expensive trip. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to explain all the benefits of safe traveling and talk about some of the misconceptions travellers have regarding insurances.

The following list sums the main misconceptions people have regarding travel insurance:

  • During my trip nothing bad will happen to me or my family: unfortunately nothing in this life is for sure, you never know what will happen during your vacation in Costa Rica. Therefore the best way to avoid any setbacks is to protect yourself from any anticipated problem by getting a travel insurance policy that will take care of you and your family.

  • Back at home I have insurance; therefore there is no need to spend more on additional policies: unless the insurance you have already purchased includes full coverage when traveling to other countries, your domestic insurance will be useless if anything happens during your trip.

  • I don’t need insurance, because I won’t be covered unless something really bad happens during my vacations: most travel insurance policies will cover travellers in case of illness or injuries. Also it can protect you if any problem occurs with your flight, hotel or luggage.

  • Travel insurance is not for me, just for people involved in doing adventure trips: while it is more likely that people seeking adventure sports will suffer an injury. The truth is that anyone could suffer an emergency during a trip. Therefore the best thing to do is to have travel insurance and avoid unnecessary risks.

  • In case of a medical emergency, the costs abroad are cheaper and I will be able to pay them: even if your vacation takes place in a country that has cheaper medical costs, the truth is that if you suffer an emergency, you and your family will receive the best treatment, because travel insurance guarantees quality medical service everywhere.

  • I can make all reservations now, but I will buy the travel insurance the day before I leave: the best option is to make reservations and buy insurance all together at the same time, because if you have to cancel your trip, you will probably lose the refund for the flight, hotel, etc.

Keep in mind that when done right, traveling does not have to be an unpleasant experience. The main idea is to take time for yourself, doing activities you can enjoy. In the end you will have fewer worries and more good memories. This is precisely what good travel insurance  policy offers, removing all the negativities that can ruin your trip to other countries.

With that in mind, here is a list of problems you may encounter before or during your trip, along with the solutions that travel insurance offers:

Problems that can happen

Solutions given by the insurance

A member of your family has an illness the day before the trip.

Refund all the money invested in the vacation.

You or a member of your family gets injured during the travel.

All medical expenses are arranged and covered.
While on your trip your wallet and documents got stolen. Assign the client with emergency money and assist them in replacing documents.

A hurricane forces an evacuation on the place you are staying.

Assist with new travel arrangements and reimburse money for the unused portion of your trip.

Your luggage is lost and your prescription medication was inside.

Help locating your luggage and getting a new prescription swiftly.

ski insurance

At this point, the importance of travel insurance is pretty obvious. Nevertheless, here are some of the reasons why everyone needs good traveller insurance:

  • Helps with the protection of the items you take on the trip. The main idea is that all your belongings are safe, so the ride is smooth and you don’t suffer any setbacks. Therefore good travel insurance will reimbursed clients, if they suffer a problem with the luggage.

  • If you experience any problem with your flight, travel insurance services offers the possibility to cover your stay in a hotel near to the airport or any other necessary expenses.

  • If a medical emergency presents itself, the travel insurance will collaborate with the transfer to a nearby hospital, as well as monitoring any inconvenience that may occur.

  • In case of cancellations, your travel insurance can reimburse part of the cost of your trip, to minimise your losses.

Beyond all the positive things we talk about travel insurance in this article, always keep in mind the most important thing: enjoy your travel without worries.

However, searching for the right travel insurance deal is as enjoyable as a doctor appointment. You just wish someone else would sort it out for you. At we do all the hard work of bringing the best travel insurance deals for you, so you can choose quality insurance at the best possible price.

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